"Encroaching Waters" (2x34) is the thirty-fourth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein investigate the watery underbelly of Nicodranas, and find more danger than they bargained for...

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  • First, we have two fantastic sponsors returning from the beginning of the campaign:
    • First, our friends at D&D Beyond: "Sam" (The Wackiest Guy in D&D) loves D&D Beyond. Laura asks him to do Nott's voice, which "Sam" does: "Pip-pip, cheerio! Mystery solved! Buttons!" "Waterdeep: Dragon Heist" is an adventure for characters levels 1-5, and "Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage" will allow characters 5-20 to explore the legendary Undermountain. Suddenly, the real Sam interrupts and tells Producer Max to get him out of his seat. Travis had asked Max to do pre-approved D&D Beyond ad, and had lied to Sam that the show was actually beginning at 7:15 pm. After last week's rough ad spot, Sam can't be trusted anymore. Sam is offended that they thought nobody could tell the difference between Sam and Max. Travis says that Sam can do the ad he had written on his long as it doesn't involve fart sounds, offensive stereotypes, cursing, violence, or inappropriate "giggles", "pickles" and/or "cucumbers". Thus, Sam reluctantly does Travis's ad with "inappropriate jokes". After a series of lame jokes, Sam reads, "Go Dallas!", and says "Fuck you" to Travis and throws it over to Matt. Liam misses "Long-Haired Sam".
    • Matt talks about our second sponsor: The Rook & The Raven.

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Last we left off, The Mighty Nein had made their way southward, absconding from the tensions of the north Dwendalian Empire, to seek a few possible threads of mystery, to the south shores, and coast of the Menagerie Coast. You made your way through the Wuyun Gorge, purchased a few pets, and then eventually found yourselves, for many of you, your first time, at the beach, seeing an ocean, seeing the waves, seeing the sand, and took a little brief bit of time to relish in that experience, eventually making you way to Nicodranas, in time for the sunset across the western ocean.

You began to notice kind of the workforce that goes through the day, and dwindles to the night, that works alongside the numerous number of ships that come in, and then stay along the wharf, and the various docks in the vicinity. You made your way through the various districts of the city, eventually meeting the fantastic, and long presented mother of Jester, The Ruby of the Sea, Marrion Lavorre. After having some time to catch up with her, exchange information about your travels, youd had discovered that there have been some issues with one client of hers within the town, and managed to gather a little bit of information, but began to seek more about this Algar, this figure who had grown jealous of other clientele, and seemed to be becoming a point of concern for Marrion, and you took it upon yourselves to look into this individual, and possibly find a way to resolve this while you're in town.

You also began to run into some other curious mysteries, you went to the lighthouse, and spoke with the lighthouse keeper there for a bit, you had found a strange tower in the open quay, and then eventually discovered along the wharf, a tavern of familiar name, based on some of the previous things you were looking out for, the Wayfarer's Cove, you had just stepped into the darkened interior of this, the smell of old, wet wood, combined with the dry liquors, and ales that had long stained the various tables and floorboards of this dank and relatively musty bar. Looking across the clientele, a few interesting persons caught your attention, and that's where we left off.

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Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 34

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 34

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  • Beau: "Sisterhood of the Traveling Dodecahedron!" (after Nott suggested that it was the Beacon that kept bringing Yasha back to the Mighty Nein)
  • Jester: "I'm worried you're going to eat my weasel!"
  • Nott: "Water is trying to kill us!" (a common theme in this episode, due to various battles with water elementals and a marid)

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