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Lady Elmenore, also known as Lady Elmenore the Unforgiving, is an Archfey, the High Warqueen of the Burning Vale and the Matriarch of the Seelie Court.[1]



Lady Elmenore is an archfey woman described as beautiful, with dark skin, strong arms, "burning" white eyes with striking golden makeup, and "tall" curly hair of orange-hued "flaming" gold.[2][3] She dresses in white clothing with metallic decorations in gold tones and a forest theme, and her somewhat darker crown-headdress (which has a yellow gem in the forehead) frames her face.

When Lady Elmenore is angered, her hairline darkens as if burning, and her long, normally dark eyebrows become golden flames.[4]


During the Age of Arcanum, Lady Elmenore was a responsible archfey, concerned for all members of her court, taking whatever steps were necessary to bring them to safety. She was also selfless, willing to suffer if it prevented her from breaking another person's heart.[5][6]

Many centuries later, the heart of the Matriarch of the Seelie Court seems to have hardened, becoming far more commanding and threatening, and setting plans in motion to ensure her will is carried out.[7]



Lady Elmenore became the Matriarch of the Seelie Court sometime between the Founding and the Age of Arcanum. As archfey and leader of one of the Feywild courts, she was part of an ancient pact with the Lord of the Hells that required him to warn the fey if a plan of his could affect them.[8]

During the Age of Arcanum Lady Elmenore allowed one of her subjects and warlocks, Loquatius Seelie, to travel to Exandria; at some point after that, the Archfey was contacted by Laerryn, a high elf who loved the changeling dearly, and convinced the High Warqueen to grant her a boon to protect him better.[9][10]

She hates Potentate Sammanar of the Unseelie Court, but despite this, they collaborate to make sure the portals to Exandria are only used by those allowed to travel between realms.[11]

Exandria Unlimited: Calamity[]

At the very end of the Age of Arcanum Lady Elmenore sensed from the Burning Vale how her warlock Loquatius Seelie (who was trying to help his friend Patia Por'co), contacted with the knowledge of the Tree of Names in Avalir. Elmenore was surprised by this, and shared her worries with the changeling, warning him about the dangers that Exandria was approaching.[12]

That same night, the Hight Warqueen received the warning about Asmodeus returning to Exandria, and concerned for the safety of her people, she opened several portals in the Material Plane, giving each of her subjects in Exandria a chance to return to the Feywild and to safety, and dividing her attention to communicate with them. Loquatius, after a moment of hesitation, decided to decline the offer and stay, arguing that despite his love for the archfey, his love for Laerryn was stronger. Despite Elmenore's disappointment (since she felt genuine affection for Loquatius), she respected his wishes, and closed the portal she had created for him.[13]

Between Campaign One and Campaign Two[]

Elmenore is one of five Archfey identified by Arcana Pansophical.[14]

Exandria Unlimited[]

Fearne Calloway is told by a dark version of herself that Elmenore wants Fearne back.[15] After the battle that follows, Fearne sees the figure of Elmenore in her mind and can feel her displeasure at the dark Fearne's failure.[16]

The Tales of Exandria: Artagan[]

At some point after 836 PD, and presumably after the apogee solstice of 843 PD, the Seelie and Unseelie archfey gathered on the same place to preside over the trial against Lord Artagan of the Morncrown for his plays for false godhood. Elmenore and Sammanar expected the rogue archfey to take the accusations and the potential punishment seriously, and to explain himself, but he kept joking, which angered them both. After a failed attempt to flee, Seelie and Unseelie soldiers made Artagan stay in the room while the trial continued.

They allowed Artagan to justify himself by explaining his first visit to Exandria, but when Elmenore noticed that the accused was praising himself too much, she decided to summon Gol to contrast Artagan's version. The mortal denied much of this, explaining how chaotic and detrimental the archfey had been to his village. After that, both Elmenore and Sammanar seemed to agree that the accused was deluding himself into thinking that his destructive actions had good intentions, and although Artagan claimed to have recently performed good deeds, the Seelie and Unseelie rulers had several potential witnesses prepared to confirm or deny him. When one of them (an elven actor who had played the accused in a play that he ruined) finished speaking, the others began to argue over who should testify next, and although Lady Elmenore tried to impose order, a fight broke out; Artagan escaped taking advantage of the distraction.

Sammanar and Elmenore's sentence - Artagan

Sammanar and Elmenore's sentence, by Aviv Or and Cris Peter from The Tales of Exandria: Artagan #4.[art 2]

When the accused returned (accompanied by Jester Lavorre) he surprised both archfey, and when Jester and Keyleth of the Air Ashari showed themselves willing to defend Artagan, Lady Elmenore reminded him how fortunate he was for them to allow it, after all the chaos he had caused. After the persuasive argument of the defense and the statement of the accused assuring that he was a changed man, Elmenore announced a pause so that the judges and jury could deliberate. Upon their return, they applied the sentence, and Artagan was sent to Exandria as what he claimed to be: a changed man (mortal and powerless).


Loquatius Seelie[]

Lady Elmenore held Loquatius in high regard, and attempted to save him from the Calamity. Despite her warnings, when the changeling rejected her offer, she respected his decision.[17]

Character information[]

Notable Items[]

  • An extremely old contract with Asmodeus[18]


Archfey abilities[]

  • Conjuration Magic: Lady Elmenore is capable of creating multiple portals out of thin air between the Material Plane and her domain.
  • Omnipresence: Elmenore is able to divide her attention and appear where she is needed while performing other activities.


  • (to Loquatius Seelie) "Child, what have you done? Why are you looking beyond this realm? Something moves upon the face of your world. Do not let her find the names."[19]


Lady Elmenore by Micaerys

Fan art of Lady Elmenore, by Micaerys.[art 3]

  • Brennan Lee Mulligan plays Lady Elmenore with an Irish accent.
  • When Lady Elmenore create portals golden leaves appear in that place.[20] That is most likely a hint of her domain, the Burning Vale.
  • The deal involving Elmenore and Asmodeus is somewhat reminiscent of the pact between the Queen of Faeries and Hell in the story of Tam Lin. However, while in Exandria the Father of Lies must warn the fey to keep them safe, in the Scottish ballad Hell only leaves the fairies alone if they give one of their people as a tithe every seven years.

Appearances and mentions[]


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