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Mistress Ellia Prudaj[2] (pronounced /ˌpruːˈdɑːʒ/) was a wealthy woman who lived in Jrusar, Marquet. She owned an estate in the Core Spire[3] and a wholesale textile business called Prudaj Textiles located in the Lantern Spire.[4]

Many years ago, she hired the mercenary Ariks Eshteross. They became close friends, and he eventually left his mercenary company to work as her bodyguard. Eshteross described their friendship as having taught him "true values" beyond searching for money and opening him up to understanding how much others struggled to protect themselves from those who abuse their power. When Ellia died in 823 PD of natural causes, she left her money, estate, and business to Eshteross, who was surprised by the inheritance.[5]

Her estate was occupied by Eshteross and Evelyn Wress, who apparently also worked for her. Eshteross spent the next twenty years, until his death in 843 PD, keeping her memory alive by using her wealth to defend the people of Jrusar from the Ivory Syndicate and other threats.[5]

There were rumors that Eshteross was responsible for her death.[6] He vehemently denied it, and multiple members of Bells Hells believed he was truthful.[7]

In his will, Ariks Eshteross stated his desire to see Ellia again, and when questioned about his last wishes through Weva Vudol's Speak with Dead he declared that he wanted his body to be next to Mistress Prudaj's in the Lucent Memorial Mausoleum.[8]

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  • By her title of Mistress and her business, inherited by Lord Eshteross, it is possible that Mistress Prudaj was some sort of noblewoman, although it is unclear if she was part of the Mahaan houses.
  • She was married at some point but her husband had died,[9] presumably before her.
  • While Ariks Eshteross never confirmed the exact nature of his relationship (beyond friendship) with Ellia, the fact that he called her by her first name in a private letter (while in formal occasions he referred to her only as "Mistress Prudaj") proves that they were close.


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