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General Elle Gorgofon is the commander of the Aegis Regiment, one of the four Daxio Outrider regiments stationed at Fort Daxio in the Republic of Tal'Dorei.[2] During the Chroma Crisis, she acted as the interim commander left in charge of Fort Daxio while Warmaster Mikael Daxio worked to prepare an army in the elven city of Syngorn (hidden in the Feywild).[3] After Daxio's retirement, Gorogofon took command of Fort Daxio.[1]

As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Elle Gorgofon is a dark-skinned, stern-looking woman with short, ebony hair. She wears heavy plate mail and has a tower shield with a golden inlay in the center intended to mimic a polished mirror.[4]


Gorgofon generally behaves respectfully, especially to those of higher position than her. However, she sometimes acts more forcefully, such as cutting off her superior, Lady Allura Vysoren, mid-sentence.[5] She is a trained soldier with an honest personality. She prefers to simply hear the situation as it is rather than the politics of wordplay, which may be perceived as brash by some people. She has also shown a calm, intelligent side in dealing with the wyvern riders of Thordak's army swiftly and efficiently, despite being harried by them multiple times.[6] She is also unquestionably brave, not even flinching at the thought of dying in a fight with Thordak and his forces.[7]


Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

"Path of Brass" (1x74)
Allura introduced Vox Machina to General Gorgofon, and Gorgofon immediately asked if Allura knew where Mikael and the rest of the regiment were. Allura informed her they were still in Syngorn. Allura then requested that they speak without guards pointing crossbows at them and Gorgofon brought them inside. Vox Machina questioned her on the state of the fort, their capacity, morale and supplies and she informed them they were low on supplies, especially food. Thankfully, they hadn't seen Thordak but they'd also received very little information from Emon since the attack. Vox Machina then informed her that all of Syngorn was in the Feywild and began planning ways to provide food for the fort. Gorgofon asked Allura if they were to be trusted and Allura assured her they were. They told her they'd already killed three members of the Chroma Conclave. They told her they had a plan and she promised that Fort Daxio would support their efforts. They did some more planning, Gorgofon informing them of the resources available to them.

Scanlan asked Gorgofon where he should set up his Magnificent Mansion and when she asked him why, he explained that he could create a magical dwelling that would provide food for her soldiers. Gorgofon asked Allura if he was serious and she informed him that he was. Gorgofon then brought him to the mess hall, very uncertain but trusting Allura.

"Clash at Daxio" (1x77)
General Gorgofon fought alongside her soldiers as Fort Daxio was under siege by Thordak's forces. After the battle ended, she thanked Vox Machina for their assistance, although she wished they had arrived sooner. She then went to help her soldiers gather the bodies of the dead.[8]

Post-Campaign One[]

In 831 PD,[9] Mikael Daxio was murdered by the vampire Vrylaska Fellbranch using a dagger of frozen blood in the bottom floor of the Watchman's Rest pub within Fort Daxio.[10] Following investigations, Fellbranch escaped capture and Daxio was resurrected. He subsequently retired from commanding the fort and passed command onto General Elle Gorgofon.[1]


Gorgofon considers herself friends with Warmaster Mikael Daxio. At the time of his retirement, she had served under him for thirty-five years.[1][11]

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