Eiselcross lies north of the Greying Wildlands of Wildemount in the Frigid Depths. It is a group of imposing icy islands, known collectively with the Wildlands as the "Biting North". The site of the crash of the Pre-Calamity floating city-state of Aeor,[1] it is the location of multiple strange artifacts and powerful beasts.[2]


Wildemount Official (LOW RES)

Official Map of Wildemount, by Deven Rue.

Eiselcross is a collection of eight icy islands, some of which have small, snow-covered mountains ranges:[3]


The third largest island, it is also the farthest north, and the home of white dragons.[3]


The location of an active volcano.[3]


Eiselcross's largest island and the site of the ruins of Aeor, it is a magnet for treasure seekers.[3]


Little is known of this island save that it is incredibly dangerous.[3]


Eiselcross's second-largest island, it holds the body of Quajath the Undermaw, and its wormkins.[3]


The smallest of the islands, located southeast of Foren.[3]


This small island lies southwest of Foren.[3]


Eiselcross's second smallest island is a favorite spot for fishing vessels to anchor overnight.[3]



Eiselcross is considered part of Wildemount overall, but it is a frozen arctic area separated from the mainland by the Frigid Depths.[4]

The ballista used in Bazzoxan was partially constructed from "something" recovered in Eiselcross.[5]


Eiselcross contains two very small ice fishing villages that are expansions of the Dwendalian Empire. Aside from those, it is mostly uninhabited and unvisited.[6]


Eiselcross holds many creatures that have spent a millennia or more living there and are extremely dangerous.[7]

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