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Prince Eidys Dwendal is the prince of the Dwendalian Empire, and the heir of his father's throne as of 835 PD.[1]



Eidys is a skilled and physically strong man.[1]


Eidys used to be a happy man who enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle, but he wasn't able to win his father's approval, leaving him jaded, dejected and bitter.[1]


Eidys was born from the marriage of King Bertrand and Queen Duvia, growing up to become the sole heir to the Empire, although less politically skilled than his parents. When he reached an appropriate age he married Suria Saugiss, a member of an influential noble house in the Empire. They were expected to produce the next heir in the line of succession, but so far they have not been able to.[1]

In 825 PD Queen Duvia died, saddening her husband whose relationship with the prince deteriorated even more due to the lack of grandchildren, making the king obsessed with prolonging his life so as not to extinguish his dynasty,[2] and putting even more pressure on Princess Suria. Faced with this situation, Eidys, now more bitter, continued trying to conceive a child with the intention of abdicating his position as heir to the throne.[1]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • He is referred as King Dwendal's "only living son",[2] which might imply he had either siblings whom he all outlived or brothers he outlived. He could also have sisters who are still alive, although, given Bertrand's obsessive fear with leading his family line to a dead end, that would raise the question of the succession rights women have in the Dwendal royal family, or if those hypothetical sisters have heirs of their own.
  • Eidys is, along with Prince Zuun'dak of the Iron Authority,[3] one of the only known heirs that still can expect to inherit their monarchy's throne in Exandria, since all the other heirs belong to families that do not reign anymore or are missing or unavailable.[4]


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