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Echo knights are warriors of the Kryn Dynasty that use dunamancy to summon duplicates of themselves to fight with them on the battlefield.

Powers and Abilities[]

Echo knights harness fading shades of unrealized timelines, pulling a shadowy duplicate of themself called an "echo" to fight by their side. The echoes are somewhat fragile, but the echo knight can summon another at any time. An echo must stay within around 30 feet of the knight that summoned it, or else it disappears. Echo knights can also teleport by swapping places with their echo. Because of this, echo knights are able to easily lock-down and move across the battlefield by essentially being in two places at once.[1]

More powerful echo knights can project their consciousness into their summoned echo, using it to scout ahead to locations as far away as one thousand feet. Echo knights are also able to cause their echo to teleport and intercept attacks, protecting their allies from incoming blows. The most powerful of echo knights are able to summon and maintain two echoes at once.[1]

Notable Echo Knights[]

Jinjidraws Thuron

Fan art of Thuron, by Jinjidraws.[art 2]


  • Essek Thelyss created a spell, Resonant Echo, that acts similarly to the echoes summoned by an echo knight. A Resonant Echo is unable to attack, but can cast a spell known by the spellcaster.
  • Otohan Thull was able to summon up to three echoes as a bonus action[3], using a Potion of Possibility to power the replication[4] via a mechanism worn on her back under her cloak.[5]

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