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The earth titan was a primordial titan composed of stone. The Titanstone Knuckles, one of the Vestiges of Divergence, were carved from the heartstone of this creature.[1]



This was one of multiple earth primordials.[2][3] In its final battle, this titan was slammed into the ground violently enough to create the Zenwick Mountains.[4]

During the early Age of Arcanum, the dwarven Thomara clan dug into the fallen earth titan[5] to exploit a precious metal vein cluster and built a vault city there. The society eventually collapsed into madness and cannibalism.[6]

On 15 Misuthar 812 PD, the titan was reanimated by Vecna, with Vecna's city of Thar Amphala atop it, to march on Vasselheim. Vox Machina and Arkhan infiltrated the titan, and banished Vecna during the assault on the city, bringing the titan to a complete halt. The titan's body remained in place, looming over the city, where it remains in 843 PD.[7]

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