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An Earring of Whisper[2] is a gemmed and enchanted item that delivers and receives Message spells to and from the other connected earrings within five hundred feet.[3][4] To send a message, the wearer must activate the earring by touching it with a hand; no activation is necessary to receive messages.


Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

Tiberius Stormwind designed the original Earrings of Whisper and created five for Vox Machina in the pre-stream adventures.[5] With seven or eight active members, the party had to divide the five earrings amongst themselves strategically.[6][7] The scarcity of earrings became less of an issue after Allura Vysoren enchanted an additional earring for them in "Consequences and Cows" (1x26),[8] after Tiberius departed (starting in "The Sun Tree" (1x28), though he didn't officially leave Vox Machina until "A Musician's Nostalgia" (1x37)), and during Pike Trickfoot's frequent absences from the group,[9] though she sometimes showed up in a radiant, not-fully-physical form. Taryon Darrington enchanted another, much more ornate, earring for himself.[10]

The Re-Slayer's Take[]

Between 836 and 843 PD, the Re-Slayer's Take looted 10 Earrings of Whisper in Rimefang's lair in the Zenwick Mountains of Othanzia, not too far from Vasselheim on the continent of Issylra. These earrings appeared to be ancient, and were of similar design and color to Frog, the Aeormaton monk member of the party.[11]


These Earrings of Whisper can cast the Message cantrip an unlimited amount of time and can communicate only if the target also wear on earring as long as the target is under 500 feet of range.[12] To send a message, only a touch of a hand on the earring is enough to activate it. No activation is necessary to receive messages.

Notable Uses[]


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