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Eagles are a predatory avian species on Exandria.


Eagles are avian beasts with talons and sharp eyesight. As avians, they have feathered wings that grant them flight. Their feathers can be brown and white, and their beaks and legs yellow.[1][2]


Eagles are small-sized, unaligned beasts with an armor class of 12, an average of three hit points, a walking speed of 10 feet, and a flying speed of 60 feet. They have proficiency in Perception, a passive Perception of 14, and a challenge rating of zero.[1]

Eagles have an ability called Keen Sight, granting them advantage on Perception checks reliant on sight. As far as actions, they have Talons, a melee weapon attack that deals slashing damage.[1]

Related species[]

Giant eagle[]

Giant eagles are larger and more intelligent variations of eagles. An adult eagle is the same size as a young giant eagle.[3][2]

Giant eagles are capable of carrying several humanoids (depending on size and weight) and have done so several times on-stream in Critical Role.[4]


On the approach to the temple in Yug'Voril, Scanlan Shorthalt created an illusion of a bald eagle to distract the bats that kept watch over the area.[5]


While Vox Machina battled a naga abomination in Kraghammer, party member Keyleth wildshaped into an eagle to retreat after attacking.[6]

When Vox Machina was delivering the Horn of Orcus to the Platinum Sanctuary, Keyleth took the shape of an eagle to scan the area and noticed serpentine forms approaching the city walls of Vasselheim.[7]



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