Dwueth'var, also known as the Star Razor,[2] is a sword from the Age of Arcanum and a Vestige of Divergence.[3] Broken eons ago, the sword was reforged and is now in the possession of Fjord.



The Broken Hilt

The sword's broken hilt was purchased from Pumat Sol. It had a silver hilt and a silver pommel wrapped in red leather around the handle, and very fine filigree across the hilt and around the base with a silver loop on the bottom of the pommel, with about an inch of blade remaining.[4]

The party had also found a sword handle and hilt in the Labenda Swamp, which was a beautifully smithed sword made from silver with an acorn-sized emerald set on each side of the hilt in the center.[5] There were runes carved across the hilt, but not the pommel.[6]

However, in "Titles and Tattoos" (2x84), Fjord showed the reforged Dwueth'var to Pumat and indicated that the hilt used to create it had come from The Invulnerable Vagrant.[7]

The Broken Blade

The broken blade had a very faint magical essence.[8]

Dwueth'var Reforged

The reunited and reforged sword is long and thick, having a broadsword blade length, with runes and a groove down the center (likely a fuller). The metal is silver with a slight blue shimmer, akin to the coloration of iceflex. Where the break once was, the lines are still there, continued to give a marbled look to the blade.[9] Jester mentioned to Fjord that the blade looked almost like water.[10]


Age of Arcanum

This weapon was forged through a union of two acolytes of Melora and Sehanine during the Age of Arcanum. It carries the blessing of the fiercest full moon and starlit night. It was later recovered by the elves and dwarves of Uthodurn, and reforged and strengthened under the skilled work of the dwarven smith Dulgrim Smeltborne, before it was sundered in a terrible battle deep within the ruins of Molaesmyr within the Savalirwood.[11] The hilt retained about an inch of blade and was sharp in places. The enchantment embedded in it was sundered when the blade was broken.[12][13]

After the Separation

After the separation the pieces were recovered as historical relics, trading hands through traveling merchants and smugglers before being lost to time.[14]

The Hilt

A sword hilt was found by the Mighty Nein in the Labenda Swamp subterranean tunnel in a foot-and-a-half by foot-and-a-half flat iron box, locked by a simple iron lock.[15][16] They discovered that there was no magical essence coming from it.[17] It is unknown what happened to that hilt and whether it is related to the sword pieces acquired later by the party.

Later, they learned that Pumat Sol had bought a broken longsword hilt from someone looking hard for some cash at The Invulnerable Vagrant.[18] The broken sword had a silver hilt and a silver pommel wrapped in red leathers around the handle with very fine filigree across the hilt and around the base with a silver loop on the bottom of the pommel, with about an inch of blade remaining.[19] Pumat had taken it because it was Pre-Divergence, from the Age of Arcanum, and he believed it could probably fetch a pretty penny at the various lyceums or the Soltryce Academy.[20] Caduceus expressed his interest in broken things, and he paid 300 gp for the broken longsword hilt from Pumat Sol [21].

When Caduceus arrived in Rosohna he gave Wursh the Tapper the hilt, saying that he came across it in sort of spectacular circumstances and that he has been trying to find someone who would know how to bring it back to life. Wursh recognized the make of the hilt as Uthodurnian,[22] and said that the Mighty Nein would need to take it there to be repaired.

The Blade

The blade was found at the Marble Tomes Conservatory in Rosohna in a pile of items in possession of Professor Tuss Waccoh.[23] Beauregard and Caleb chose the broken blade out of the pile as a reward for doing a fantastic job of embarrassing the foreman of the Deepriver Mining Camp. The blade resisted being Identified by Caleb.[24]

Reuniting of the pieces

Fan art of Dwueth'var, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Beauregard gave the broken blade to Caduceus. Having now both pieces, he expressed his will to use Legend Lore on them, but he didn't have the components to cast the spell.[25] Later, Caduceus successfully cast Legend Lore to learn the lore behind the two sword pieces and the name, Dwueth'var, the Star Razor.[26] Caduceus believed that it could be reforged at the forge in Kravaraad, and the party agreed to travel there.

The party reached Uthodurn and learned that Dulgrim Smeltborne died four years ago, but his son Umagorn had learned his skills and could repair the sword. He told Caduceus that they needed iceflex to repair the sword.[27] The Mighty Nein collected mythril within the town which Umagorn melted into an ingot.[28] The party then went to Mythburrow and changed the piece of mythril into the iceflex that they needed to reforge the sword by tricking the ancient white dragon Gelidon into breathing on it by hiding it under a summoned ice spider queen.[29]

Umagorn Smeltborne then successfully reforged the blade in the Underforge of the Cinderrest Sanctum.[30] Caduceus gave the weapon to Fjord, allowing him to become its new master. The Vestige was Awakened by its reforging.[31]

Fjord's use of the blade

"A Tangled Web" (2x77) Fjord attuned to the sword, and it vanished into small clouds of snow. When summoning the blade, a familiar spray of water shot out and turned to frost as it hit the ground.[32]

"Through the Trees" (2x79) Fjord used the weapon in combat for the first time, revealing its command word to be "galas'var", causing the runes along its blade to light up with blue radiant energy.[33]

"The Folding Halls" (2x80) Using his new weapon, Fjord cast See Invisibility in The Xhorhaus, and saw a small floating orb coming down the stairs. It was identified as a Scrying sensor by Jester and Caduceus.

"The Cathedral" (2x86) During their fight in the Chantry of the Dawnfather, Fjord cast Faerie Fire against Obann through the sword.[34]

"A Heart Grown Cold" (2x113) When Fjord killed Avantika with a Divine Smite, the blade grew an inch-and-a-half and new runes appeared on it as the Vestige entered its Exalted state.[35] This is consistent with one of the listed recommended guidelines: "A character successfully takes vengeance against a rival who has long tormented them."


When Fjord took the sword once it was reforged, it was already in its awakened state, so its features in its dormant state are unknown.

Awakened State

  • Dwueth'var is a +1 longsword (+2 when glowing).[36]
  • The sword has two charges[37] which can be expended to cast See Invisibility,[38] and Faerie Fire (DC 15)[39] one time per day each.[40]
  • A bonus action can be used to light the sword up using the command word "galas'var", producing a glow like blue torchlight in a 20-foot radius.[41] Any creature that hits the wielder while the sword is glowing takes 1d8 radiant damage.[42]

Exalted State

  • The sword's bonus to attack and damage rolls increases to +3.[43][44]
  • The DC of the sword's Faerie Fire spell increases to 17.[citation needed][presumed]
  • The sword can cast Fly once per day.[45]
  • The light that the sword gives off while glowing increases to a 40-foot radius.[46]
  • The bonus radiant damage to a creature that hits the wielder while the sword is glowing increases to 1d12.[47]
  • When the wielder is hit with a melee attack, they can expend their reaction to teleport up to half their movement speed in a direction of their choosing.[48]


  • In the official character art by Ari, Dwueth'var is depicted as a broadsword that is five feet and four inches long. The runes on the sword are written in Elder Futhark, and read "Dwueth'var • Sehanine's Light • Melora's Might". The text is not canonical.[49]


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