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Fan art of the Dust Family, by Kileigh Gallagher.[art 1]

The Dust Family is one of three ancients clans, along with the Stone Family and Clay Family, who descend from a Champion of The Matron of Ravens named Dust. They protect the Cinderrest Sanctum, home of the Underforge.


Many of the dwarven Dust family are blacksmiths[1] and it is stated by Jeramess Dust that they also cremate the dead[2]. Another member of the family, Tyla Dust, is the current Lorekeeper of the family.

Jeramess DustEdit

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Jeramess is the keeper of the sanctum and the grand matron of the Dust family.[3]

Khemdal DustEdit

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The brother of Tyla and Keeper of the Forge, he has short blonde hair with muttonchops curled into a finely groomed mustache.[4]

Tyla DustEdit

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Tyla is a younger female dwarf with blonde tangled hair and olive skin who is the Lorekeeper of the Cinderrest Sanctum.[5]

Ichabod DustEdit

Ichabod is the husband of Tyla and father of Brumhelm.[6]

Brumhelm DustEdit

Brumhelm is the son of Tyla and Ichabod.[6] He is a young dwarf in his teens, quiet and shy.[7]


The Dust Family are descended from one of the three champions of The Matron of Ravens named Dust. The three champions debated what to do with the body of a hero of a recent conflict, since it could not be maintained within a city for unknown reasons. The Matron of Ravens told them to seek instruction from The Wildmother, saying she had taken what was hers already, and that she had no domain over the body that remained. The Wildmother instructed Dust to take the remaining parts and burn it in a pool of magma in Kravaraad, where a kiln was to be built for The Allhammer. The other two champions took parts of the body as gifts for The Changebringer and The Archeart.[8]

"Dust, you shall take what remains of this forgotten hero and walk the mountains until a cave of onyx wall and liquid stone is found. There you shall burn what remains, and the ashes shall be mixed into brick and ink and steel so that what is made shall hold my mark. Upon this site you shall build a kiln whose creation shall be my gift to the Allhammer to remind him that nature is material."
Decree of the Wildmother[9]

The descendants of these heroes protect and care for their sacred locations to this day, occasionally making pilgrimages to the other families when the need is dire. All three families assist the families of those who have died with funeral rites, each burying the bodies in their own way, with the Dust family focusing on cremation.[8]

"Clay and Dust" (2x72)Edit

Jeramess, Tyla, and Khemdal greeted and welcomed the Mighty Nein and Caduceus, telling him that Constance, Corinne, and Colton Clay had come through previously and left to continue their quest. Tyla told them the residuum they needed was "refined residuum", rare in Wildemount since its source was Whitestone on Tal'Dorei. Khemdal told them that Caduceus's broken blade was likely forged by Dulgrim Smeltborne from Uthodurn, who had worked at the Forge in years past but not recently.

"Refjorged" (2x76)Edit

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