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"Duplicity" (2x55) is the fifty-fifth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role. The Mighty Nein engage in an intense battle with some nasty fiends below the city of Asarius as they search for the source of the rifts...



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Previously on Critical Role[]

"So, last we left off: The Mighty Nein had found themselves in the eastern wastes of Xhorhas, seeking the recently-captured and currently imprisoned husband of Nott...from essentially a past life. Upon traveling eastward through the wastes, dodging various dangers and entities, you found yourselves in Asarius - the "City of Beasts" - which currently seems to exist under the banner of the Kryn Dynasty.

"A city brimming with ogres, and goblins, and bugbears, and gnolls, and all sorts of other 'monstrous' races (from the Empire's standpoint), living a relatively civilized existence...though, mounting an army itself, preparing to move westward to dive into conflict with the Dwendalian Empire, where you hail (most of you, at the very least). Upon asking around the city (some of you incognito as more 'acceptable' members of the society), you managed to make a trade for both business and gold for three moorbounder beasts, trained them to be somewhat amiable to being mounts, and also - upon speaking with the Kryn leader it seems (or at least one of the more prominent individuals here), Lady Zethris Olios - presented your capabilities as an investigation crew. At least, Nott and Jester did...managed to convince her that your skill is not just boastful, and were given two options to possibly make some money and gain some favor with her rule in this city. One of which was to hunt down a spy: an Empire spy here. The other was to seek out the source of this seemingly-growing demonic force: this seeping kind of Abyssal influence that seems to be creeping into the city. If you can find this source and snuff it out...both a good monetary reward and/or trade for favor with the 'Bright Queen' herself might be able to be had.

"So, in searching for this, you made your way eventually towards the northern-center of the city, and upon speaking with a rather dimwitted and bulky bugbear, through fright and threat, who seemed to be having some strange dreams...where he was being 'enticed' by spectral entities to do bad things.

"You came back later in the evening - after resting in the practically-stables outside of the Four Corners Tavern - and discovered these spectral demonic entities, harassing him in his sleep. You immediately ran into the fight and, after a brief scuffle, they fled towards the well towards the back of the building, in this part of the city.

"You went down into the well, discovered that a portion of the inside wall had collapsed inward, where a tunnel continued within. And one by one, you all made your way down into this mysterious tunnel, and began to follow it as it curved to the left into shadow and into the mysterious continuation of this series of tunnels and chambers..."

Part I[]

Nott continues chasing the incubus and succubus down the tunnel, still invisible. The tunnel ranges from ten to fifteen feet wide, so two to three people can comfortably stand shoulder-to-shoulder. Fjord charges ahead of Caleb and leads the chase after Nott, with Fjord and the rest of the Mighty Nein just 20 feet behind Nott the Brave. Nott makes a stealth check with advantage: with a natural twenty, she gets a 31 on her stealthy approach. The tunnel air smells kind of metallic to a cannon blast. The tunnel may have once been an underground river, as the floor is smooth with some sediment buildup.

They come up to three quasits (very low end fiends) at an archway, and quickly kill two, which are chopped up by Jester for moorbounder snacks. The third runs further down the tunnel. Fjord discovers Abyssal anchor glyphs that the quasits were carving into the wall, the beginnings of a larger gateway. Beau takes rubbings before they destroy them.

The invisible Nott dashes ahead into a largish chamber with a central pillar and a pool of water, and Messages Caleb to join her, which he does. Almost immediately, Liam gets a whisper from Matt, rolls a d20 (it's a 12), Matt looks at it, nods, and whispers further to Liam. Caleb is charmed. While they're alone, Nott tells Caleb that she has a confession: a while back, she wrote a letter to Astrid. Caleb seems taken aback, but tells her they will discuss it later, and calls to the others to join them. As the party enters, the spooky sexy voice of the succubus in the back of Caleb's head says, "Light them up, pretty," and he casts a Fireball on the entranceway where the party is standing, wounding them seriously.

Light them up, pretty - BlackSalander

Fan art of "Light them up, Pretty", by BlackSalander.[art 1]

The incubus appears and charms Fjord as well. The rest of the party reluctantly attack Caleb, realizing he's been charmed, and he casts a Wall of Fire to defend himself. The resulting damage to Fjord allows him a saving throw, on which he succeeds and is no longer charmed. He uses Control Water to dampen down the flames, and when Yasha then wounds Caleb, Caleb also succeeds on the saving throw.

Several more quasits run in, and Fjord takes out one while Yasha gets two. The succubus, now visible, flies out of sight around the pillar, followed by the party. As they curve around the corner, they see a flash, and a red bull-like winged demonic creature tears through, asking "Is it ready?"


Part II[]

Matt has the players roll a new initiative, since they have entered an entirely new round of combat. Jester tries to Banish the large demon, but only succeeds in getting its attention. Fjord casts Thunderstep and heads toward the exit, leaving her alone with the minotaur-armanite. She casts Dispel Magic on the rift, closing it.

Beau and Nott focus on the succubus, killing her, but in the meantime, the incubus charms Yasha and fades back into ethereal spectral form. The rest of the party attacks the minotaur until Yasha attacks Caleb and they realize she is charmed, so some of the attacks then go toward her to try to force a wisdom save. While she is wounded multiple times, she keeps failing the saves, and remains charmed. The minotaur knocks out Caleb, but Caduceus brings him back with Healing Word. Yasha hits him again, knocking him unconscious and with a second strike, at two failed death saving throws. Nott vaults over and dumps a healing potion into him, bringing him back. The minotaur immediately lightning attacks him, knocking him out a third time.

The fight continues, with the minotaur continuing to take bits of damage and Yasha continuing under the incubus's control. Yasha succeeds in knocking out Caduceus, with a second strike putting him at two failed death saving throws. Jester casts Cure Wounds on Caleb, bringing him back up, but the minotaur's lightning lance puts him out for the fourth time in the encounter. Caduceus's Periapt stabilizes him, but he remains unconscious. A Beau attack on Yasha results in Yasha finally succeeding on her save and throwing off the charm, and Jester pulls the unconscious Caleb away from the battle and into shelter.

The incubus materializes and attempts to charm Beau, but fails. The minotaur attacks Fjord with lightning, knocking him unconscious and a second strike gives him one failed death save. On his death save, Caleb rolls a natural 20, bringing him to consciousness with one hit point. Beau is able to finish off the minotaur and rips out his heart, while Yasha brings Fjord to consciousness with Healing Hands.

Caduceus's Revivify - Linda Lithén

Fan art of Caduceus's Revivify, by Linda Lithén.[art 2]

The now-materialized incubus attacks the unconscious Caduceus, giving him two failed death saves, but Nott kills the incubus with an explosive arrow from her crossbow. Unfortunately, the explosion is an area effect and its damage gives Caduceus his third failed death save, killing him. [1] Jester immediately casts Revivify, raising him with the help of the Traveler and the Wildmother. While Caduceus was unconscious, he has a vision assuring him he's on the right path.

They loot the bodies, finding 20 platinum, some parchments in a strange language, and the minotaur's lightning gloves. They search the cavern and find an operating Abyssal Anchor, used to punch holes between the Abyss and the Prime Material Plane. Exhausted, they sleep in the cavern in Leomund's Tiny Hut.

Featured Characters[]

The Mighty Nein[]





  • Caleb: (using Message to Nott) Nott, can you hear me? We don't know where you are. Do you have a plan? What are you doing? You can reply to this message.
    Fjord: (sobbing) She's wounded... I think I hit her!
    Nott: (pretending Fjord hit her instead of the invisible quasit) Just tell Fjord... that he killed me.
  • Nott: Caleb, while we have this moment... Something's been bugging me, Caleb, and while we're alone, I figure now's a good a time as any. I have a confession to make. A while back, I... I wrote a letter to someone that you know... Astrid? Remember her?... Hello? You told me about her, and I think maybe it was a mistake in retrospect, but I-I-I wrote her a letter.
  • Succubus: (commanding the mind-controlled Caleb) Light them up, pretty.
  • Sam: (as he begins to describe Nott's HDYWTDT on the incubus) It's an explosive arrow... (Matt gets a sudden look of horror, and then Sam realizes what he just did to Caduceus) Oh no. OH NO!
  • Jester: (casting Revivify on Caduceus) Traveler... tell the Wildmother that Caduceus needs help!


Adjustment Count Item Source Destination Notes
Expended 1 Diamond Jester Used to Revivify Caduceus
Acquired 1 Maelstrom Gloves Minotaur-like demon Beau
Acquired 1 20 platinum Minotaur-like demon, incubus, succubus The party
Acquired 1 Parchments in a strange language Minotaur-like demon, incubus, succubus The party
Acquired 1 Abyssal Anchor Cavern beneath the well The party's lead box
Expended 1 Explosive Bolt Nott Used to kill Caduceus and the Incubus


  1. See "Duplicity" (2x55) at 4:03:47.  Sam and the rest of the table realize the arrow will kill Caduceus.


  1. Fan art of "Light them up, Pretty", by BlackSalander (source). Used with permission.
  2. Fan art of Caduceus's Revivify, by Linda Lithén (source). Used with permission.