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Dumaran is a fortification controlled by the Children of Malice, located towards the southern edge of the Vermaloc Wildwood where it meets the Penumbra Range mountains.[1]


Dumaran - Mikael

Fan art of Dumaran, by Mikael.[art 2]

Dumaran is primarily controlled by hobgoblin worshipers of Lolth, though some drow hold important positions as well. It is a labyrinthine tunnel system build into the rock of the Penumbra Range, and tunnels are constantly being built through the mountains, towards Rosohna, which the Children of Malice hope to one day overthrow in the name of Lolth.

The hobgoblins of Dumaran joined Lolth not long after the Calamity, and she in turn granted them both power over the spiders of the Vermaloc Wildwood, and a physicality reflective of their worship: black fur and pale eyes.

Yasha Nydoorin's clan was decimated by the hobgoblins of Dumaran, and she was later found and raised by the Dolorav tribe.[2] The Dolorav noted that it was unusual for the Dumaran to come so far out from their fort.[3]

Vivurk Tonn is the head matron of the fortress.[1][4]



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