Dulgrim Smeltborne was a fabled dwarven weaponsmith who lived from approximately 430[1] to 832 PD.[2]

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Dulgrim was a somewhat squat dwarf with broad shoulders, black hair that was thin in the front but thick and heavy in the back, a bulbous nose that looked like it had taken a few hits in his youth, and piercing bright light blue, almost grey-white eyes.[3]

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Dulgrim was a fabled Uthodurnian weaponsmith who had been called to create implements of war by the elves of Molaesmyr.[4] He reforged and strengthened Dwueth'var, the Star Razor, after it was sundered in a terrible battle deep within the ruins of Molaesmyr within the Savalirwood.[5]

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Dulgrim's son Umagorn Smeltborne has carried on his father's work and operates his forge in Uthodurn.

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