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Duergar, also known as gray dwarves, are a race of dwarves that live in the Underdark.

Creature Information Edit

Duergar are characterized by ash-gray-colored skin and white, pupil-less eyes. They seem to have very similar technological styles to the dwarves, though every structure and weapon they make is made up of only stone and metal. The duergar also seem to use a monarchy system of leadership, having an established king and queen within their society. They are considered evil, and are mortal enemies of the dwarves.

Vox Machina fought many duergar during their time in the Underdark. They also infiltrated a duergar stronghold called the Emberhold and killed the king in battle. The queen then disintegrated a section of the roof, causing the Emberhold to flood with magma as she retreated.[1]

Some duergar apparently have domesticated basilisks as weapons to be used in combat.

Religion Edit

The duergar have their own gods, at least one of which is known:

  • Laduguer: God of power, strength, and conquest. Supposedly freed the duergar from the illithid's control.

Known Duergar Edit

  • King Murghol: King of Emberhold and a formidable fighter, he was decapitated by Scanlan in combat.
  • Queen Ulara: Queen of Emberhold and a magic-user, she was psychically killed by K'Varn.
  • Unnamed General: Head of the duergar army underneath Kraghammer, he was killed by Clarota, who consumed his brain.

Abilities Edit

Duergar have natural abilities that enhance them physically when in combat. This makes them formidable fighters.

  • Increase Size
  • Dark Vision
  • Magic Resistance

References Edit

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