Drynna is a sleepy town located where Mooren River Run meets Mooren Lake. It is responsible for most of eastern Tal'Dorei’s freshwater fish supply, and being downstream from the Alabaster Sierras means the water in the river and lake are somewhat infused with whitestone ore, and deposits of residuum have developed on the lake floor.[1]

Though Drynna is part of the Lucidian Coast region, it is most directly connected with Turst Fields, via the Parchwood Way.


The community's leaders meet at the Sunrise Lodge, or simply “the Lodge,” to vote on important delegations and law-oriented decisions. Law enforcement is mainly volunteer-run.[1]


In 812 PD, Drynna has a population of 2,230; the population is majority human (80%) with a significant minority of gnomes (8%) and halflings (8%) and a small minority of elves (4%).[1]



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