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Rockcaller Dryden is a half-orc member of the Earth Ashari. She is one of the central sentinels of Terrah. As an NPC, Dryden is played by Matthew Mercer.



Dryden is a short and stocky female half-orc wearing furs and leathers. Her hair is woven in thick braids that are pulled up and back into a sort of topknot. Her jaw protrudes a bit, exposing her two lower fangs.[1]



"Daring Days" (1x86)[]

Dryden, flanked by two humans, approached Vox Machina as they entered Terrah. She recognized Keyleth from her previous visit to Terrah. Keyleth asked her how the Earth Ashari had fared over the past few months that the Chroma Conclave had been active. Dryden explained that they had hunkered down and focused on making sure their elemental rift did not experience the same tear as the one in Pyrah. Keyleth then informed her that the Chroma Conclave had been slain and Dryden said she would pass the news along. Keyleth requested to speak with headmaster Pa'tice in order to get information on the Water Ashari. Dryden mentioned that she could answer any questions about the Water Ashari, but Keyleth really just wanted to see Pa'tice while she in the area. Dryden and her companions then led Vox Machina to Headmaster Pa'tice.

Appearances and mentions[]


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