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Druvenlode is one of the larger mining cities in the Empire.[2] It is located south of Rexxentrum along the Amber Road.[3]


Druvenlode is located at the base of the Silberquel Ridge and is the Empire's main source of precious metals, notably silver. The buildings of the town are primarily built for utility and are simple, despite the city's wealth.[1]


The Dustbellows is the primary residential area, particularly for the poorest residents. The homes are simple and rough, some of them converted warehouses. However, lively music and dancing can be found in its taverns.[4]


Silverstreet is the gambling and commercial district, where peddlers and job-seekers alike can be found. The Sterling Satchel and the Cabin of Fortune, both casinos, can be found on either end of the street.[4]

The Pillars[]

The Pillars are the industrial district, dedicated to smelting. Many miners and laborers live in factory housing in this district.[4]


The mining guilds report to Druvenlode's starosta, Uvilia Whek, and the governance and business of Druvenlode are closely intertwined. Most of the population works in the local mining industry or in supporting professions.

Crime increased during the War of Ash and Light as Crownsguard were deployed to other locations, with theft being the most common. Mercenary work is always in high demand as a result of Crownsguard shortages or apathy; their services are used to protect the miners or to fight off the dangerous beasts in the Silberquel Ridge.[4]


In 835 PD, Druvenlode has a population of 12,110. 70% are humans, 14% are dwarves, and 9% are elves.[1]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Petrov Sauer NPC Mining baron, father of Yrrosa's starosta, Zulla Sauer.[5]
Maximilian NPC Captain in the Righteous Brand.[6]
Quin Theramast NPC Watchmaster.[1]




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