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Driftwood Asylum is an orphanage in Port Damali. It has criminal ties, and the headmaster uses the children as free labor to produce wooden goods for sale. Fjord and Sabian grew up in this orphanage.


The Driftwood Asylum is located in Port Damali in the Menagerie Coast, near a beach.[2][3] The orphanage has criminal ties with the the Myriad,[4] and possibly the corruption in the Clovis Concord government as well.[5]

Fjord arrived at the orphanage circa 805 PD,[1] and he was one of about twenty-four children living there.[6] He was the only half-orc child,[7][8] and the others were mostly human and half-elf.[9] The children were primarily raised by each another.[10]

Grankton - Fjord Origins

Grankton, by Selina Espiritu and Diana Sousa from The Mighty Nein Origins: Fjord Stone.[art 2]

While Fjord was living there, the orphanage was run by a cruel headmaster named Grankton,[11][12] who used the children as free labor for carpentry and woodworking services to produce goods for sale,[13] and sometimes they were also sent to diving missions to salvage goods in wrecked areas, or to smuggling runs from which not all children returned; at some point Grankton also began making deals with ship captains so that they would hire orphans as crew on different voyages (one of them, in fact, was Captain Vandran, who took Fjord and Sabian with him).[14] The headmaster also gave the children disparaging surnames to remind the children why they were at the orphanage; for example, Fjord was given the surname "Stone" to remind him that he was "cast aside, like a stone".[15][16][17] Life at Driftwood Asylum has been repeatedly described as terrible.[18][19][13]

Some time after 836 PD, Fjord returned to Port Damali to rid the orphanage of its criminal ties and clean up conditions there.[5] He unseated Grankton and his associates from their positions of authority and purged it of its black market, under-city dealings. They left the wood shop, because as Travis said, "You can never have enough good woodwork."[20]


  • Although the term "asylum" is commonly associated with historical mental institutions, it was also a common term for orphanages in the 18th and 19th centuries and is found in many of their names during that period, notably in the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • While it was known that Sabian grew up with Fjord,[21] only in The Mighty Nein Origins: Fjord Stone was it confirmed that the half-elf lived in the orphanage as well.[22]


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