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The Drensala Vis (Marquesian for "Luck of the Mother")[6] is the brig sailed by Captain Adella and her crew.

Vox Machina chartered the ship to take them to the Water Ashari's city of Vesrah.[7]

The ship was in port at Nicodranas when the Mighty Nein encountered Captain Adella in the Wayfarer's Cove pub.[8] Adella told Fjord that they were intending to make their way back to a trade route towards Marquet after their stop in Nicodranas. Much later, the party chartered the ship to transport them from Nicodranas to the southern Lucidian Ocean when the seals binding Uk'otoa were broken and the leviathan was unleashed. The ship's crew participated in the battle against the creature by firing the cannons at it.[9]


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