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The Dreemoth Ravine cuts deeply through the southern tip of the Ashkeeper Peaks for almost eighty miles, ending just north of the Whitedawn Lagoon. The enormous chasm is "a beautiful rocky valley of sparse trees, natural caverns," and tumbling cliffside waterfalls.[3] It is a wide, massive valley, full of dozens of large stacks of broken rock with stone pillars jutting out. In the central portion of the ravine lie the partially and mostly collapsed buildings of Draconia, destroyed from impact when the floating city fell.[4]


The history of the ravine is inextricably tied into the history of the Draconian nation. Draconia was a floating city-state of stone islands held aloft by brumestones within the ravine.[5] It was created by tailed dragonborn, who enslaved their tailless ravenites brethren and forced them to work in the mines and caverns below.[6]

On 29 Duscar, 810 PD, in an event later known as the Chroma Crisis, a group of ancient chromatic dragons called the Chroma Conclave attacked Draconia. The arcane islands of the city crashed in the central bend of the ravine,[7][3] killing its inhabitants and freeing the enslaved ravenites, some of whom continued to inhabit the region.[8] The attack left Draconia in shattered ruins at the bottom of the valley.

The white dragon Vorugal then made his lair within the ravine, creating a barren landscape of frost and snow in which the ravenites struggled to survive.[9] Vox Machina allied with them for their battle with and eventual defeat of the dragon.

Upon Vorugal's death, the ravine slowly returned to its natural state. While some of the ravenites remained and built the city of Xarzith Kitril on the southern end of the ravine,[10] others fled as refugees to the Dwendalian Empire tent city of Talonstadt.[11]

Notable Locations

Ruins of Draconia

Main article: Draconia.

Draconia was a floating Dragonborn kingdom[12][13] that was brought down by the Chroma Conclave assault across Exandria in 811 PD.[14]

Xarzith Kitril

Main article: Xarzith Kitril.

Xarzith Kitril is a dragonborn city constructed by the ravenites in the southern end of the Dreemoth Ravine shortly after the fall of Draconia.[10]

Notable People


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