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The Dreamseep Marshlands are the boggy remains of a former forest, after being subjected to the unending rain off the Stormcrest Mountains. Located in the Kirmont Valley in southeastern Tal'Dorei, they are cursed, teeming with undead, and contain the tomb of an ancient lich.[1]


Countless murders have been committed within the Dreamseep Marshlands, cursing the constantly sodden land. Various undead and other strange and monstrous creatures have arisen from the marshes.[1]


Various forms of swamp vegetation and twisted trees grow in the Dreamseep although many are in a state of rot.[1] One valuable commodity is the rare fungus called queenscap that is used as a reagent in brewing potions of superior healing.[2]

Notable Locations[]

  • Bronbog, a small settlement of Pelor-worshipers and the only civilization within the marsh.
  • The Tomb of Udah, the necropolis of Udah the Undying. It is located at the bottom of a massive sinkhole within the marshes.
  • Shrine of the Ruiner, to which the Shivergut tribe of orcs makes an annual pilgrimage[3]



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