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Drath Mephruhn (spelled "Mephrun" in an earlier work[1]) was a dying mage who briefly achieved lichdom by placing a phylactery in Grog Strongjaw's chest. As an NPC, Drath Mephruhn was played by Matthew Mercer.



Drath Mephruhn controlling the Strongjaws.[art 2]

Although Drath is described as a "dying mage" and a "shade", he had a nearly skeletal appearance, like a corporeal undead. He was shown with glowing eyes, with wisps of shadow rising from within his tattered, hooded robes.[1][2] Pike described him as "almost like a lich, but not quite".[3]

When he possessed Grog's body, the violet glow of his eyes was transferred to Grog.[4]


Drath looked down on others to an extreme degree, describing the adventurers who interrupted his ritual as "worthless cattle".[1] He called Grog's body "this behemoth's shell", and in his final fight he gloated and expressed contempt for his opponents constantly.[4]


Realmseer Eskil Ryndarien remembered Drath being a young student at the Alabaster Lyceum, "long ago" as of 809 PD, who was expelled for dabbling in the dark arts.[3]

Drath Mephruhn raised Stonejaw Strongjaw from the dead and magically compelled Stonejaw's son Grog, then in Stilben, to travel to Drath's lair, which is a crypt in a subterranean city deep within Gatshadow Mountain. There, Drath began a ritual to embed a phylactery in Grog's chest so that he could achieve lichdom and possess Grog's body.[5][6]

Several of Grog's fellow adventurers arrived during the ritual. They fought the mind-controlled Grog, the reanimated Stonejaw, and some skeletons, and they seemingly destroyed Drath, but not before he could complete the ritual. Grog was freed from Drath's domination, but the angry scar on his chest caused him growing discomfort, and the party sought advice on what to do about it. Eskil Ryndarien told them that Drath would return to his phylactery within weeks.[3] To remove the phylactery would kill Grog, and likely interfere with attempts to resurrect him, unless a particular ritual was performed, and to that end he sent the adventurers to collect the needed components.[7]

Official art of Drath possessing Grog's body, by Olivia Samson from Vox Machina Origins II 6.[art 3]

They collected the components, but time ran short. As Eskil was performing the ritual, Drath took control of Grog's body, and the rest of the adventurers had to contain him until the ritual was completed. Eskil finally extracted the phylactery, trapped Drath within the ritual components, and destroyed the components along with Drath.[4][8]


Character Information


Given that Drath was a student at the Alabaster Lyceum, studied necromancy deeply, and had aspirations of lichdom, he was a wizard.

Notable Items

Appearances and mentions


  • "I will drown you in suffering!"[1]
  • "This behemoth's shell is now mine to command."[4]




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