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Dranassar are a race of humanoids that lived in what is now Xhorhas during the The Age of Arcanum. They were the ancestor race to all goblinkin.


Dranassar were described as tall, strong of mind and body, and fleet of foot. They had thick black hair, and their skin gleamed like gold.[1]


When the Betrayer Gods were freed during The Age of Arcanum, the dranassar were bent to the will of Bane, god of war and conquest.[1] Those who resisted the evil god were transformed into the first goblinkin, to be used as soldiers in the Strife Emperor's army during the Calamity. As the Calamity raged on, more soldiers were needed, and even the dranassar loyal to Bane were transformed.[1]

Vanishingly few dranassar survived to modern times, and those that do live in hiding, often magically disguising themselves so as to go by without notice.[3][4] These dranassar work to reverse the Curse of Strife and cleanse their kin.[5]

Known dranassar[]

  • Jibu-Corryn: A surviving dranassar living in disguise in the city of Asarius.
  • Liv-Burrath: A surviving dranassar covertly collecting arcane relics from Ghor Veles, Blightshore.