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Elementalist Drake Thunderbrand is a dwarven wizard and friend of Lady Allura, as well as a member of the Arcana Pansophical. As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.



DrakeThunderbrand by TAllenSievers

Fan art of Drake Thunderbrand, by T. Allen Sievers.[art 2]

Drake has short, black hair with a beard "trimmed fairly fine." When he first encountered Vox Machina in late 810 PD, he was wearing red leathers and was apparently unarmed, though carrying a gnarled, curved wand. The wand almost spiraled, in a messed-up sort of way, with a well-treated surface.[3]


Somewhat exuberant in personality,[4] Drake can also be quite soft—both concerned and supportive—toward Lady Allura.[5][6]



Drake Thunderbrand is one of the eldest of House Thunderbrand in Kraghammer.[2]

In around 795 PD, Drake was part of an adventuring party with Lady Allura, Lady Kima, Sirus Kaldrem, Dohla Lorian, and Ghenn Talevesh. They sealed the ancient red dragon Thordak in the Elemental Plane of Fire with the help of the Arcana Pansophical, at the cost of Sirus, Dohla, and Ghenn's lives.

Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

"Desperate Measures" (1x40)[]

Drake accompanied Allura to Greyskull Keep after the Chroma Conclave's assault on Emon.

"In Ruins" (1x41)[]

Drake used an elemental transportation spell to transport himself and Allura to Westruun.

"The Coming Storm" (1x73)[]

Drake attended the council meeting and was present when Raishan's deception was revealed.

"The Siege of Emon" (1x78)[]

Vox Machina were intercepted on their way back from the Ziggurat to Whitestone castle by Drake, who informed them that they'd been working on a few things for the party and asked them to meet him in the common room.

Percy later sought out his sister Cassandra, and found her in her room talking to Drake, Gilmore, Brom and Allura. The room was bustling with activity, as everyone present was preparing for the events to come. Percy requested anything left in the vaults to help prepare for the occasion, and Drake handed over what he had prepared for the party: four potions of healing he gathered from the city and four potions of fire resistance that he brewed himself.

Drake later accompanied Vox Machina alongside Allura, Kima, Jarett and Gilmore, to the war camp outside of Emon.


Drake and Allura are lifelong friends.[7]

Character Information[]


Drake is an elementalist, able to bind elemental forces to his will, and has created many new spells himself. One such spell, Travel via Spark, allows him and his allies to travel great distances while transformed into bolts of lightning.[8] Drake is also known to skilled in potion brewing.[9]

Notable Items[]

  • Wand: gnarled and curved, "almost spiraled, in a messed-up sort of way", with a well-treated surface.[10]

Appearances and mentions[]


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