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Dragonborn, also referred to as dragonblood,[3] are humanoids with draconic ancestry. They are renowned for their ability to breathe elemental energy, as well as for their tumultuous history. Their origin in Exandria is unknown, but a popular tale states that they were the common creation of Tiamat and Bahamut, meant to be loyal soldiers for both of the dragon deities until they eventually earned their freedom.[3]


Dragonborn resemble their dragon ancestors, though they walk on two legs and lack wings. Their scales match the chromatic or metallic scales of true dragons, which reflect the element of their breath weapon. Dragonborn stand tall, averaging between 6 and 7 feet tall and weigh around 250 pounds. The draconblood dragonborn have a tail, while the ravenite dragonborn do not.


In the Age of Arcanum, a group of tailed dragonborn lived on the floating city of Kethesk.[4] The city was sundered during the Calamity, a shard of which came to rest within the Dreemoth Ravine. The surviving dragonborn found that the ravine was already inhabited by the cave-dwelling tailless dragonborn called the ravenites, and formed an alliance with them to rebuild dragonborn civilization.[2]

Thinking themselves superior to their ravenite brethren, the tailed dragonborn named themselves draconbloods and began using the ravenites as the labor force, harvesting brumestones to hold their new city of Draconia aloft within the ravine. The draconbloods eventually enslaved the ravenites to mine the ravine for gold and gemstones, allowing themselves to focus on intellectual and political pursuits.[2] The dragonborn of Draconia remained isolated within Wildemount for centuries, though with the rise of the Kingdom of Tal'Dorei, the sovereign extended a hand of diplomacy to Draconia, opening them up to the greater world of Exandria.

Official art of a Draconblood Dragonborn, by adragonswinging.[art 2]

At the end of the year 810 PD, Draconia would be changed forever with the attack of a cabal of ancient chromatic dragons known as the Chroma Conclave. This attack left Draconia sundered, causing it to crash to the ground. In the wake of this event, known as the Chroma Crisis, the ravenites seized the opportunity to free themselves from their draconblood oppressors.[2] After Draconia's fall, draconblood and ravenite alike were scattered to the four winds. Many traveled north to the Dwendalian Empire, where they formed the shantytown of Talonstadt.[5] Others fled east to the Lotusden Greenwood, where they would find welcome with the halfling druids of Charis,[6] or to the Menagerie Coast, where some draconbloods owned vacation properties.[7] Many of the now free ravenites stayed behind, constructing the new city of Xarzith Kitril at the southern mouth of the Dreemoth Ravine.[8]

Powers, abilities, and subraces/cultures

Official art of a Ravenite Dragonborn, by adragonswinging.[art 3]

Dragonborn traits

Dragonborn as a whole are renowned for their prodigious strength and their charismatic charm. Their draconic ancestry manifests in their ability to breathe elemental energy, in the form of either jets of acid, blasts of cold, gouts of fire, bolts of lighting, or clouds of poison. Some dragonborn also have natural resistance to the element of their breath weapon.

Draconblood traits

The tailed draconbloods lived a scholarly life during the days of Draconia, and their understanding of diplomacy often allowed them to guide a conversation in their favor.[2]

Ravenite traits

Main article: Ravenite

The tailless ravenites lived as laborers during the days of Draconia and are the most physically hearty of the dragonborn. They are adept warriors, capable of quickly lashing back against those that dare to strike at them.[2]

Notable dragonborn

Campaign One: Vox Machina


Fan art of Arkhan wielding the Hand of Vecna, by Lap Pun Cheung.[art 4]

Fan art of Gern Blanston, by advocatingAvian.[art 5]

Fan art of Suvo, by BlackSalander.[art 6]


Campaign 2: The Mighty Nein


Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

Campaign Three


  • Gerudal: A male working at Prudaj Textiles.
  • Hutchin: A female silver dragonborn traveler with a serpent-like complexion.



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