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Draconia - Camilla Kipp

Fan art of a travel poster for Draconia, by Camilla Kipp.[art 2]

Draconia was a floating archipelago of cities on the continent of Wildemount,[2][3] southeast of the Ashkeeper Peaks.[4] It was a dragonborn kingdom and the home of Tiberius Stormwind.

When the Chroma Conclave unleashed its assault across Exandria, the floating cities of Draconia were brought crashing down.[5]


The cities of Draconia were kept afloat above the Dreemoth Ravine with brumestone, the same type of enchanted crystal clusters used in skyships.[6] Draconia was one of the destinations to which Tiberius Stormwind could teleport using his Circle of Teleportation spell.

By 835 PD, Draconia was an abandoned ruin at the base of the Dreemoth Ravine, having been plundered over the ensuing quarter-century. There are several statues of the heroes who lost their lives during Vorugal's assault, including one of Tiberius.[7]

Notable locations[]

  • Tyriex, once the heart of Draconia and the home of Tiberius.


After the Calamity, a shard of the floating dragonborn city of Kethesk came to the Dreemoth Ravine, and Draconia was created. The inhabitants of Kethesk made an alliance with the native dragonborn of the Ravine, the ravenites. After scavenging the brumestone that held the city aloft from the ruins, they elevated Draconia.[8]

In early 811 PD,[9] the Chroma Conclave destroyed the soaring city-state, leaving it in ruins at the bottom of the Dreemoth Ravine. The surviving ravenites, briefly free from the draconbloods, were once again enslaved, this time by the ancient white dragon, Vorugal, who claimed the ruins and the surrounding ravine as his new lair, plunging the ravine into an endless winter.[10] Under the towering throne of his lair, filled with riches both arcane and otherwise, there lay a ship named Floebreaker, the cherished core of his hoard.[11]


In Draconia, those with tails were called "draconians" or "draconbloods", for they were seen as closer in form and power to true dragons. Those without tails were given the name "ravenites" and enslaved.[12][13]

After the floating city of Draconia was destroyed by the Chroma Conclave, the ravenites briefly gave allegiance to the white dragon Vorugal.[14] They later worked with Vox Machina to slay the dragon, thereby gaining independence.[15]


Tiberius's character introduction indicated that Draconia had a high council and a magic guild, although their purposes and jurisdictions were not specified.[16]

Draconia was allied to the Dwendalian Empire at the time it fell.[17]


In 810 PD Tiberius stated that Draconia had its own standing army of three hundred strong, and an air force numbering around two hundred soldiers, riding wyverns as their mounts.[18]


  • As revealed by Matthew Mercer during the Fireside Chat, Draconia was considered the most immediate threat to the Chroma Conclave. The city-state had been keeping very close tabs on many, if not all, of the Conclave's members.[19]
  • As of 837 PD there was a presumably young dragonborn rogue, Pidge, who claimed to be from Draconia. Since the city fell from the sky at the end of 810 PD, Pidge was either at least in his mid-to-late twenties (having been born before Draconia was attacked) or he was younger and just lived in the ruins of the city.[20]


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