Draconia was a floating archipelago of cities on the continent of Wildemount,[2][3] southeast of the Ashkeeper Peaks.[4] It was a Dragonborn kingdom and the home of Tiberius Stormwind.

When the Chroma Conclave unleashed its assault across Exandria, the floating cities of Draconia were brought crashing down.[1]

Draconia - Camilla Kipp

Fan art of a travel poster for Draconia, by Camilla Kipp.[art 2]

Description Edit

Draconia's cities floated in the sky using brumestones, the same type of enchanted crystal clusters used in skyships.[5] Draconia was one of the destinations to which Tiberius could teleport using his Circle of Teleportation spell.

Society Edit

Draconian society had institutional class- and tail-based slavery, which is why Tofor Brotoras (a tailless dragonborn) had a negative reaction to Tiberius.[6] The tailless ravenites once lived below the floating city in the Dreemoth Ravine and were subjugated by the ruling draconbloods, who were born with tails.[7]

After the floating city of Draconia was destroyed by the Chroma Conclave, the ravenites briefly gave allegiance to the white dragon Vorugal.[8] The ravenites later worked with Vox Machina to slay Vorugal and thereby gained independence.[9]

Politics Edit

Tiberius's character introduction indicated that Draconia had a "high council" (although its purpose and jurisdiction was not clear), as well as a magic guild.[10]

Military Edit

Tiberius stated that Draconia has its own army of three hundred strong, and an air force numbering at around two hundred that used wyverns to fly.[11]

Notable Locations Edit

  • Tyriex:  The heart of Draconia; home of Tiberius.

Trivia Edit

  • As revealed by Matthew Mercer during the Fireside Chat, Draconia was considered the most immediate threat to the Chroma Conclave. Draconia had been keeping very close tabs on many (if not all) of the Conclave's members.[12]

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