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Doty's entire vocabulary.

Doty is the mechanical servant, scribe, and best friend of Taryon Darrington.



Doty is an automaton, humanoid in shape, about eight-and-half feet tall and lanky.[8] He looks like he has been frequently repaired, with many scratch and scuff marks that are most likely the result of acting out fantasy battles with Taryon.[9]

In an attempt to create a disguise for Doty, Taryon glued Shayne Tranter's hair to him to create a wig and goatee. A mask was then added so Doty ended up with a "secret goatee" under the mask.[10] The hair was later removed, although traces of the goatee were still there.

Doty 2.0
Doty 2.0 presumably appears similar to the original Doty.

Doty 3.0
Doty 3.0 "stands a shining golden color, gifted the materials by a thankful ore baron whom Taryon's Brigade of Adventurers saved from a terrifying doppelgänger's plot."[11]

Doty 4.0
Doty 4.0 was one arm and one eye on top of a tricycle due to Taryon's lack of funds.[12]

Doty 5.0
It's unknown if Doty 5.0 is the same model or an entirely new Doty. Unlike previous versions, Doty 5.0 has an opposable thumb.

Doty X
Doty X is described as sleek, stylish, not built for combat, and having a built-in bookshelf to carry Tary's books. He is otherwise similar in appearance to previous models.[13]


Though Doty is usually stoic and implacable, he occasionally expresses a great range of emotions in his actions and intonation of "Tary". Displayed emotional reactions include humor, disappointment, sadness, and even hostility (such as his reactions towards Hazel Copperpot). It is unknown whether the flaw in Doty 4.0 that caused Doty to turn on Tary was related to Doty's personality processing or some other function.




Doty was created by Taryon Darrington to be his biographer and only friend. Doty was destroyed during Vox Machina's journey through the Nine Hells with his creator weeping over his shattered chassis. Taryon later built a new construct named Doty 2.0 as a replacement.

Doty 2.0[]

Doty 2.0 was rendered nonfunctional after taking heavy damage in battle. He was repaired by Taryon in Whitestone. It can be assumed Doty 2.0 went in the way of his predecessors.

Doty 3.0[]

Doty 3.0 was built after Doty 2.0 and was likely destroyed in service to Taryon and the Darrington Brigade. In Taryon's letter to Vox Machina, it was stated that Doty 3.0 was destroyed in a scuffle against a bugbear.[14]

Doty 4.0[]

Doty 4.0 malfunctioned and attempted to kill Taryon and the rest of the Darrington Brigade.

The Latest Doty - BlackSalander

Fan art of Doty, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Doty 5.0[]

When Vox Machina reunited a year after the battle with Vecna, Tary was currently travelling with Doty 5.0.

Doty X[]

As of 836 PD, a tenth model of Doty was accompanying Tary.[15]


Taryon Darrington[]


Fan art of Taryon building Doty, by NLN4.[art 3]

Taryon was Doty's creator and master. Doty faithfully transcribed all of Taryon's words and actions into the book he carried with him. The human built him when he was 27 years old and considered the construct to be his best friend. The two of them often acted out battles from the stories that Taryon had read.[16]

Hazel Copperpot[]

Despite usually being apathetic to individuals that aren't Tary, Doty 5.0 perceived Hazel as a threat. Hazel's intention to act as a biographer to Taryon Darrington would have threatened Doty's purpose. As a result, Doty managed to express frustration, hostility, and competitiveness with her, despite being completely featureless and only having a one-word vocabulary.

Character information[]



  • If a creature within 5 feet of Doty that he can see makes an attack against a creature other than Doty, Doty can use his reaction to make a slam attack against them.[17]

Notable items[]

Doty 2.0[]


  • Limited speech; can only say "Tary"
  • Hand Cannon; takes a short rest to reload

Notable items[]

Doty X[]


  • Skills: Athletics
    • Expertise: Perception[20]


All of the following is from Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn:[7]

  • Limited Vocabulary: Understands the languages Tary speaks,[21] but can only say the following words in Common: Tary, Yes, Absolutely, Correct, Soon, and Handsome.
  • Damage immunities: Poison
  • Condition immunities: Charmed, exhaustion, poisoned
  • Vigilant: Doty cannot be surprised.
  • Arcane Surge (4x/day): If Tary is not incapacitated, Doty X can deal extra force damage on a hit.
  • Deflect: If a creature within 5 feet of Doty that he can see makes an attack against a creature other than Doty, Doty can use his reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll and deal force damage to the attacker.
  • Repair (3x/day): Can use action to regain hit points.

Appearances and mentions[]



  • Sam said that when he pitched the idea for Taryon he told Matt that he wanted to have a follower that would be his biographer. The Artificer class (which Matt had recommended) has a mechanical companion granted by the Battle Smith sub-class, typically in the form of an animal. They altered the stats a little (took some points from strength to add to intelligence) so that he could write.[22]
  • Doty has the lowest intelligence score of any companion to accompany Vox Machina, despite Doty being able to write and thus technically being smarter than Grog Strongjaw.[23]
  • Pumat Sol was reading a completed copy of The Daring Trials and Tribulations of Sir Taryon Darrington in "Lost & Found" (2x13).[24]


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