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Dorian Storm is an air genasi[2] bard who appeared in Exandria Unlimited. He is played by Robbie Daymond.



Official full-body portrait of Dorian Storm, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]

Fan art of Dorian, by LornArt.[art 2]

Dorian has sky-blue skin, crystal-blue eyes, and jet-black hair that falls in an ombre finishing in white and sky-blue just past his shoulders. He is 6'1"[9] and more lightweight than he appears. Most of his clothes and his lute are sunburst blue, but the inside of his cape is colored the oranges and reds of a sunset.[10]




When Poska said Dorian seems to come from money, Dorian nervously brushed it off and claimed to just be a humble bard.[11] Dorian had lived "a very cloistered life" before he began adventuring, and he desperately wants to prove himself.[12]

Exandria Unlimited


Dariax Zaveon

Dorian has referred to Dariax as a friend, which Dariax appeared touched by. Dorian told Poska that "if he doesn't like someone, I don't like someone."[13]

Character information

Notable Items

  • Winged Boots: An ancestral magic item.[14]
  • Moon-Touched Scimitar: Kept hidden beneath his lute by an extra tuning pin.[15] In darkness, the unsheathed blade sheds moonlight: bright light in a 15-foot radius, dim light for an additional 15 feet.[16]
  • Handaxe: The handle can detach to be a flute.[17]
  • Immovable Rod[18]
  • Six smoke grenades[19]
  • Caltrops[20]
  • Bag of ball bearings[21]


  • Limited Blindsight[22]

Genasi Abilities

  • Subrace: Air Genasi
    • Unending Breath[23]
    • Mingle with the Wind (Cast Levitate 1/Day)

Bard Abilities

  • Bardic Inspiration (1d6)[24]
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Song of Rest (1d6)

Bard Spells

1st Level
2nd Level


  • "Mm-hmm. Sorry, bacon lips."[31]
  • (While being grappled so hard he can only deal half damage with Dissonant Whispers:) "Joke's on you—I love hugs."[32]


  • Dorian's name is a pun. He is a bard named after the Dorian musical scale.
    • Robbie hinted that Dorian Storm may be a stage name.[33] This not being his real name is also suggested by Aabria gesturing air quotes when she says his name for the first time.[1]
  • Unlike the rest of the party in Exandria Unlimited, Dorian's race was not clearly indicated in the first episode. Instead Robbie confirmed it in a Tweet a day after the initial broadcast.[2]


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