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Dorian Storm, born Brontë Secondsun Wyvernwind, is an air genasi[5] bard who appeared in Exandria Unlimited Prime, Campaign Three of Critical Role, and Exandria Unlimited: Kymal. He is a member of the Crown Keepers and Bells Hells. He is played by Robbie Daymond.


Dorian - Hannah Friederichs

Official art of Dorian in EXU Prime, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 5]

Dorian C3 official - Hannah Friederichs

Official art of Dorian in Campaign Three, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 6]

Dorian 2024

Official art of Dorian, 2024 update, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 7]


Dorian has sky-blue skin, crystal-blue eyes, and jet-black hair that falls in an ombre finishing in white and sky-blue just past his shoulders. He is 6'1"[16] and more lightweight than he appears. Most of his clothes and his lute are sunburst blue, but the inside of his cape is colored the oranges and reds of a sunset.[17] On his chest is a metallic plate in the shape of wings, and it was unclear whether it was purely ornamental or armor. As an air genasi, he moves with a lightness that could be mistaken for confidence.[18]

For his return to Marquet, Dorian was uncharacteristically clean, spotless and shined.[19] He kept the same outfit for months while he adventured with Bells Hells and then with the Crown Keepers, but after returning to Marquet he updated it and made it more lithe, turning his cape into a half-cape, getting swashbuckler pants, and getting a "slutty" poofy shirt made of finely woven mithral, so it acted as sheer armor. The silver ornaments he wore were now gold (befitting his new position after his brother's death as the heir) and included a nose piercing. His mandolin was painted blue with a sunburst on its front and was marked on the back with Fresh Cut Grass's blades of grass symbol.[20] His hair was also slightly modified, up in a bun with more bluish tips rather than gray.


Dorian is well spoken and charismatic. He seems to have come from a very secluded place, and likes to see different kinds of people living together.[21] He desperately wants to prove himself.[22] Dorian appears to have left home to look for a better life, but he often dodged questions about his past, seemingly uncomfortable when talking about it.

When Poska said Dorian seemed to come from money, Dorian nervously brushed it off and claimed to just be a humble bard.[23]

After his conversation with Lolth and his offering to give her Poska in exchange for power, Dorian's alignment switched from Chaotic Good to Chaotic Neutral.[24] However, he still tried to be a good person, despite the Spider Queen's influence.

Dorian is a proud man, and when Imogen Temult assumed that he would have died if he had been with Bells Hells in their fight against Otohan Thull, he got slightly offended.[25] His brother Cyrus Wyvernwind's death means he is now the heir to the ruling family of the Silken Squall, and his change from the silver ornamentation of a second son to the gold of the heir seems to indicate his acceptance of this new responsibility.



He was born in about 816 PD as Brontë Secondsun, the youngest son of the Wyvernwind family, rulers of the Silken Squall.[26][27] He lived "a very cloistered life",[22] growing up with his older brother Cyrus. They frequently would get into physical fights, hitting each other until they returned to their parents bleeding and crying; that, however, didn't stop them from doing the same again, since it was one of the ways the two of them bonded.[28] When he was caught trying to lie, his family would hire someone to cast Zone of Truth on him to force a confession.[29]

Around Misuthar 842 PD, he left home and took the name Dorian Storm, later saying of "Brontë" that he "left that name behind".[30][31] His travels away from home started in Marquet,[32] where he spent at least one night in a hostel in Jrusar and had his purse strings cut overnight.[33] Seven months later, around Quen'pillar 842, he was playing music gigs in Emon on the continent of Tal'Dorei.[34]

Exandria Unlimited Prime[]

Dorian - Stephanie Brown

Fan art of Dorian, by Stephanie Brown.[art 8]

"The Nameless Ones" (E1x01)[]

With the rest of the Exandria Unlimited Prime party, Dorian woke up in a house in Emon with no memory of the preceding week. When investigating the Blightstar, Dorian picked up the crate containing the Circlet of Barbed Vision but immediately became nauseous and vomited oily black ichor. When they needed a more convenient method of transporting the circlet, Dorian dumped it from its crate into his cloak and gave it to Dariax to carry.

"The Oh No Plateau" (E1x02)[]

While camping on the road to the Flamereach Outpost, during Dorian's watch he heard a faint lullaby being sung in Undercommon, took out his flute, and softly played along with it. He sensed a pair of eyes watching him, pleased.

"A Glorious Return" (E1x03)[]

The party made their way to Gilmore's Glorious Goods and asked Gilmore for his help. Dorian, alongside most of the party, was instantly charmed and enamored by Gilmore, so much so that he almost introduced himself as Brontë before catching himself. Dorian managed to wangle a free healing potion from Gilmore after failing to negotiate a sufficient discount from Inanna. He additionally purchased some ball bearings, smoke bombs, caltrops, and an immovable rod.

"By the Road" (E1x04)[]

On the road to Byroden, Dorian told the party a little about his upbringing, and that he had a brother. Upon arriving, he participated in the Gem of Byroden pageant, but did not place.

"A Test of Worth" (E1x05)[]

Dorian and the Spider Queen's offer

Fan art of the Spider Queen's offer to Dorian, by MyHistrionics.[art 9]

While camping on the road to the Qoniiran ruins in the Rifenmist Jungle, Dariax woke up Dorian and told him he had a nightmare. They settled down to sleep back-to-back, but Dariax was still carrying the circlet and it gave Dorian an electric shock. Dariax admitted that his dream was of the Spider Queen, and Dorian responded loudly enough to wake the rest of the party.

Dorian told Fy'ra about the Circlet of Barbed Vision and that they were being pursued by Poska and the Nameless Ones. Fy'ra admitted that she had been following the party for some time, waiting to see if they needed her. Fearne offered to carry the circlet for a while, then suddenly, Dorian's nose began to bleed and his ears began to ring, which grew louder each time Fy'ra Rai approached him, or Fearne approached with the circlet. Spiders then began appearing on the party, and they agreed to put the circlet in the middle of the campsite and go back to sleep.

Dorian then had a dream where he saw Fy'ra being pulled into the darkness and tried to push against it. The dream began to shift as he called out to the Spider Queen to bring back his memories from the past week, in exchange for him handing the Circlet of Barbed Vision over to Poska. While this caused a shift in his alignment, Lolth kept her promise and gave back his memories.[35] Fy'ra was still on watch when he awoke, and he looked towards her. She told him there was still time to sleep, so he rolled over but did not go back to sleep.

Upon reaching the Qoniiran ruins, The Wildmother asked each member of the party in turn what they wanted. Dorian responded that if they were prevented from getting what they needed, he wouldn't allow it. At the end of their test, Dorian offered to carry the circlet for a while, and when Dariax tossed it to him, Dorian caught and held it without any of the problems that had previously beset him. When he packed it away, Orym confronted him, saying that if he didn't give it back to Dariax, they were going to have a problem. Reluctantly, Dorian returned it to Dariax. Orym saw a glint of spider silk shining on the back of Dorian's hand, and Dariax saw the same thing on Dorian’s eye.

"The Gift Among the Green" (E1x06)[]

The party arrived in Niirdal-Poc and ate a meal with Fy’ra’s friend Elam Genar. Over dinner, Dorian admitted his real name, Bronte and explained that "Dorian Storm" was a stage name. The party were attacked in the city, and after fending off their attackers, Fy'ra Rai told the party she must go search for her sister and said her goodbyes. She went to Dorian, took his head in her hands, and pulled their foreheads together. She told him that she knew something drove him to a terrible choice, making him think it was better to be alone. She urged him to stay with his new found family. Doiran told her not to worry, he would do anything for his friends.

"Beyond the Heart City" (E1x07)[]

Dorian went back to the battle scene to find his ax among the bodies. When he recovered it, he pulled away a strand of spider silk and heard the voice of the Spider Queen taunting him for his cowardice.

During their fight in the ruins of Niirdal-Sarqet, Dorian heard the voice of the Spider Queen taunting him multiple times, insulting the party’s capabilities and Dorian’s leadership, goading him into putting on the circlet, but Dorian resisted and ignored her.

"What Comes Next" (E1x08)[]

After the defeat of Myr'atta Niselor, Dorian performed a ritual to reunite Opal and Ted, using the residuum they took from Emon. The sisters successfully restored, the party tried to decide what to do next. Dorian pointed out that they hadn't found Tetrarch Umejii, and that they were still being hunted by assassins. They dubbed themselves the Crown Keepers and agreed to stick together for a while.

Between campaigns[]

Following the events taking place in Exandria Unlimited Prime, Dorian returned to Byroden and accepted the mission from Keyleth. She sent Orym and his friends Fearne and Dorian to investigate the source of the attack on Zephrah. Keyleth used Transport via Plants to sneak them to the skyship port in Emon, on which they eventually traveled to Jrusar.[36]

Campaign Three[]

"The Draw of Destiny" (3x01)[]

Dorian ambikyu

Fan art of Dorian, by @ambikyu.[art 10]

As soon as he stepped on the ground of Marquet, Dorian found himself responding to a mysterious attack of animated objects in the streets, fighting alongside Ashton Greymoore, Fresh Cut Grass, Imogen Temult, and Laudna, and they attracted the attention of Bertrand Bell, who promised to make introductions to high-placed people in the city.[37] Bertrand introduced the party to Lord Ariks Eshteross, who immediately challenged them to combat as a test of their abilities.

"Trial by Firelight" (3x02)[]

After passing their test, Eshteross sat and discussed business with the party. As most of the group gathered around him, he adjusted the top of his cane and those closest felt a warmth which Dorian only much later realized was a Zone of Truth.

"The Trail and the Toll" (3x03)[]

Following a relatively successful mission, the party headed out to the Spire by Fire Inn where they drank and chatted, agreeing to meet up in the morning. Bertrand bought the drinks and paid for rooms for Dorian, Fearne and Orym, and gradually everyone either went home or to their rooms as Bertrand continued to celebrate with multiple drinks. Dorian stayed up with him to take care of him, playing songs in the hope that he’d fall asleep. Bertrand gradually became drunker and more loquacious as the evening progressed, until eventually, he decided to go for a walk and sent Dorian to bed.

"On the Trail of a Killer" (3x04)[]

Hunting down Bertrand’s killer, Dorian found a tiefling who knew Dugger. Dorian pressed him for information, and cast Charm Person on him. The tiefling happily shared more information, and flirted very aggressively. Once Dorian had all of the information he needed, he awkwardly left.

"Growing Bonds and Teasing Threads" (3x06)[]

The party decided to play a drinking game to get to know each other better: What the fuck is up with that? Dorian revealed he’s part of a wealthy noble family, and is second in line to inherit. He explained that he was trying to fulfill expectations he's put upon himself that he wouldn't be able to fulfill within his family. As the party began to wind down, Dorian played a song and Laudna gave him a doll of Bertrand Bell she had crafted from chicken bones and Bertrand's hair.

The next day, they went to the Krook House to see if they could find more information on Oshad Breshio from Anni Aughta. After some bantering, Dorian entered into a musical contest with her, which he ultimately won when one of the strings of Anni's fiddle snapped. Later that day, when the party was investigating the Dreamscape Theater, Dorian was approached by a figure cloaked in a hood, eventually revealing themselves to be Cyrus Wyvernwind, Dorian's brother.

"A Woodworker's Quandary" (3x08)[]

The next evening, while the party was drinking, Orym noticed the mysterious cloaked Hubbat Corsair from the theater had followed them and was watching them. Orym and Chetney followed him and persuaded him to talk to them, where he told them he wanted to talk with Dorian. Orym quickly retrieved Dorian and the rest of the party. The figure revealed himself to be Cyrus Wyvernwind. He said just wanted to see how Dorian's doing. He explained why he left home, how he ended up with a large bounty on his head, and why he’s working with the Corsairs. The party decided to continue their conversation inside.

Cyrus didn’t want to go home until this situation was resolved. He and Dorian were the only children of the noble leadership of the Silken Squall - the best analogous title is probably "prince", although Dorian expressed some discomfort about being referred to that way. Dorian told the party his real name, Brontë Wyvernwind, and explained a little more about the Silken Squall. Dorian then escorted Cyrus back to the Elder's Post, the safe house of the Corsairs. On the way, Dorian gave him the Sending stone and told him to use it if he needed anything.

"Ghosts, Dates, and Darker Fates" (3x10)[]

Dorian confessed to the party that he gave his sending stone to Cyrus, so Orym gave him the corresponding stone so he could talk to his brother. The party then split up, Dorian, Orym, and Chetney staying to keep watch on the Moon Tower. Dorian and Chetney bonded as they pretended to be passers-by, calling each other friend.

"Chasing Nightmares" (3x11)[]

During their fight against Ira Wendagoth within the Moon Tower, Dorian used Shatter to free Gurge Kisgregg from his cage. After Ira teleported away with Dimension Door and initiated the destruction of the tower, the party fled as fast as possible without outright running. Behind them the tower exploded and Dorian was struck by falling debris, knocking him unconscious.

The party then went to the Diamond Horizon Bathhouse to clean up before meeting Ela Lumas. Dorian took Chetney to go get massages.

"Make It Fashion" (3x12)[]

The party went shopping for suitable attire for the upcoming ball, and Dorian happily gave everyone advice on fashion and etiquette. When asked what outfit he wanted, he said that he already had one, intending to wear the garments he’d previously purchased in Byroden for the pageant there. They decided to craft their own masks and Chetney gifted Dorian the wooden toy airship he'd promised him. Dorian’s mask was made out of fabric and sculpted to look like it was blowing in the wind.

Upon returning to Eshteross’s manor, the party decided that Dorian should go as himself, possibly pretending to be interested in employing Armand's Paragon's Call mercenaries. Eshteross approved of this plan, saying it would make things easier. Dorian realized that if he was to go as Bronte Wyvernwind, he would need a change in attire. He borrowed a suit and mask from Eshteross, the mask stern and regal, the suit severe, elegant and lacking in flair. He pulled out his handmade mask and crumpled it into a ball, leaving it in Eshteross’s bureau. He asked if Eshteross could promise his family protection if he used his real identity, and Eshteross admitted that everything came with a risk but he would do everything in his power.

"A Dance of Deception" (3x13)[]

At the ball, Orym noticed that Cyrus was in attendance and informed Dorian. Dorian told Chetney to go figure out why he's here and make sure he wasn't going to do anything stupid.

The party reconvened on the dance floor to enact their plan to steal Armand Treshi’s ring. There was much discussion about exactly what they were going to try and little agreement, but Dorian ended up with the tracking ring as he and Fearne joined the dance. They began trying to get closer to Armand by working their way via other partners as the dance continued. Fearne managed to pull his ring from his thumb and dropped it. As Armand searched the floor, Dorian kicked the real ring away but Armand noticed and went toward the sound, ignoring Dorian's attempt to pull him into the dance. The party were eventually able to successfully switch the rings.

"In Too Deep" (3x14)[]

At the ball, the party fought against Emoth Kade, almost catching her. As Emoth retreated, the group heard Cyrus's voice outside in the hall. Dorian and Laudna ran out and witnessed a shackled Cyrus being escorted out of the ball by a guard and the Green Seekers.

Dorian threw a smoke grenade, dashed into the obscured area, and bumped into one of the Seekers holding Cyrus. He successfully Charmed him, but the other one was holding Cyrus's other arm. Using his cane, Lord Eshteross whacked her on the head, and with a natural 20, Dorian convinced the Charmed guard to let them go. Toward the edge of the smoke cloud, he cast Invisibility on Cyrus and they succeeded in reaching the carriages unnoticed.

Goodbye Dorian - @cgkpluie

Fan art of Dorian farewell with Bells Hells, by Rebecca Snowden.[art 11]

The rest of the party joined them, and with a very tense Lord Eshteross they traveled to his manor. Once there, Cyrus explained that one of the Hubatt Corsairs occasionally worked for Lady Emoth, who had worked with Dugger for a while. Emoth hired him to help her steal things at the ball in return for part of her "great treasure". Emoth had often spoken of a business partner she worked with, referred to as "Mother". When Cyrus was arrested, however, the guards thought he had been involved with the recent destruction of the Moon Tower by the party. The group realized the authorities were confusing Dorian and Cyrus.

Eshteross offered his skyship to smuggle Cyrus to Emon, but pointed out that the guards still would be looking for "a certain type of person", staring pointedly at Dorian. In addition, Dorian also realized that due to the way he last left Emon, they really shouldn't go there, but reluctantly agreed to accompany Cyrus. As the carriage holding Dorian and Cyrus pulled away, Dorian's toy airship was left floating via Levitate. A child on the street ran up, snatched it, and ran down the street.

"The Shade Mother" (3x16)[]

Fearne, Imogen and Orym used their sending stone to send Dorian a message, telling him they missed him and asking how he was. He responded, telling them he had not been gone that long and was still in the air.

"Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, Part 1" (E2x01)[]

Dorian and his brother arrived in Emon and sought out Gilmore's aid to travel to Kymal. The two successfully arrived in the casino city and reunited with Fy'ra Rai, Opal and Dariax Zaveon. While catching up at the bar of the Maiden's Wish casino, the group caught the attention of Morrighan Ferus, and Cyrus and Dorian decided to try to flirt with her to get information on money making opportunities in Kymal, so they could clear Cyrus's bounty. Morrighan asks them to talk to her when she isn't at work and offers to meet the group at a nearby theater. There, Morrighan revealed that she's a thief and specialized in robbing casinos, so the group planned a casino heist.

Cyrus and Dorian by ElesirArt

Fan art of Dorian and his new instrument, by ElesirArt.[art 12]

While enacting the first part of their plan, Dariax and Opal gifted Dorian a mandolin they "acquired" for him in Byroden. He played a tune on it, and as he wasn't attuned, took psychic damage. He spent the rest of the time the group was preparing attuning to the mandolin. While the rest of the group were attempting to steal the key to Phaedrov Krishtan's penthouse, Dorian and his brother sat in the audience and watched the performance. Dorian enjoyed it, despite the bad reviews, and Cyrus reminded him of the time he accused Cyrus off being "pitchy" when he sang for their mother's birthday. Dorian remembered this, and stood by what he said, so Cyrus gently slapped him.

"Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, Part 2" (E2x02)[]

While preparing for their heist, the Crown Keepers went to the Chroma Dawn Spa to meet with Fy'ra's contact Jinoir. While there, Dorian decided to try out every treatment available, including several facial scrubs and a deep tissue massage, the latter of which was interrupted by Fy'ra telling everyone she had something she wished to discuss in private, urging everyone to go back upstairs.

Later that night, Cyrus, having awoken early as he'd gone to bed very early, woke up Dorian, and asked for his advice. Cyrus admitted that he wasn't ready to go home to the Silken Squall, let alone assume rule. The brothers talked openly, and acknowledged that their upbringing often kept them distant and sheltered from the world. Dorian told Cyrus that he would become a good leader, and admitted that he also wanted to stay out in the world, exploring and experiencing it, and that when they're both ready they could go home together. Cyrus became emotional and told Dorian that he was proud of him. The two played a few rounds of cards before going back to sleep near the fireplace.

During the heist, the party faced off against a goliath lieutenant of the Nameless Ones. The goliath filled the area with a poison vapor, which Dorian resisted the effects of by holding his breath. Dorian cast Warding Wind which deafened the goliath, and later attacked him with Dissonant Whispers, which prompted the man to tell him he's wanted, presumably by the Nameless Ones. The party then killed the goliath and continued on to the vault and took all the gold they needed. The party then escaped on a sky bar held aloft with brumestone, Dorian casting Fly on his brother with his new mandolin so they could steer it.

"Promise and Potential" (3x22)[]

When Bells Hells were about to leave Jrusar to look for Armand Treshi Orym, before going to sleep, used the sending stone to speak to Dorian, informing him of where were they going, and telling him that he had been missed. The bard, who was already sleeping, woke up with the message and told the halfling he missed them as well, and informed him that crazy things had happened where he was, mentioning the floating bar on which he and the Crown Keepers had left Kymal, and promising to tell Orym more about it later.

"Breaking Point" (3x31)[]

Outside the Calloway Layaway Orym used the sending stone to tell Dorian that he and his optimism were still missed, and wondering about his current location and happiness. The air genasi quickly responded, commenting how difficult landing the floating bar had been, and adding that his own group was keeping him busy; he said he missed Bells Hells as well, and asked Orym not to die.

By that time Dorian and the Crown Keepers had been traveling on foot and avoiding large towns to avoid Poska's agents.[38]

"Compulsions" (3x40)[]

Dorian's Sending - Melissa Hahn

Fan art of Dorian's Sending to Orym, by Melissa Hahn.[art 13]

During Bells Hells' trip to Yios aboard the Silver Sun, after Chetney lost control during a flare of Ruidus and Imogen dreamed with her mother, Orym left his friends talking below deck and used the sending stone to speak with Dorian, informing him of their travel plans, the discoveries regarding the deaths of Will and Derrig, as well as the passing of Lord Eshteross; the halfling fighter expressed his relief at the genasi's absence, though admitting that he wished he was with them. Dorian answered, telling Orym he was sorry he couldn't be there with Bells Hells, and sending encouragement to his halfling friend.

"The Aurora Grows" (3x49)[]

A few days before the apogee solstice Orym contacted Dorian three different times to check on him and his friends. The bard informed him that Opal was getting "a little dark", and that the Crown Keepers were busy in their own corner of Exandria; he confirmed that the ley lines were visible from there as well, and accepted the fighter's advice when he told him to find a safe place soon.

"Somewhere Out There" (3x59)[]

After Ludinus Da'leth's Malleus Key activated during the solstice, a flash of energy sent Orym, Laudna and Ashton to Issylra. The halfling tried to use one of his sending stones to contact Dorian and ask him how the sky looked like in his corner of Exandria, and if he was alright. However, the magical object only produced a loud echo, shaking in Orym's hand.

"Crisis of Faith" (3x61)[]

When Elder Joan Abaddina of Hearthdell used her scrying well with some of Dariax's hair that Deni$e gave her, the water showed both Dariax and Dorian looking nervous and worried in an unknown location. Ashton was very surprised, since he didn't expect to see his old teammate during Deni$e's turn with the scrying well; when she asked about him, the earth genasi said that the bard was "their bag of dicks".[39]

Around that time Dorian and the Crown Keepers were around the area of Westruun, but didn't stay there for long, and kept moving to avoid the Nameless Ones.[40]

"Broken Roads" (3x92)[]

Days later, when communication magic started working again, Orym used his sending stone to tell Dorian he and his group should find Keyleth, and although the halfling didn't get to hear the bard's answer (due to the influence of a monster in his area),[41] the Crown Keepers followed his adviced and headed towards the Summit Peaks.

Dorian playing by Elaine Tipping

Fan art of Dorian when Opal attacked, by Elaine Tipping.[art 14]

After some days traveling, Opal (who had been dealing with the Spider Queen's influence) lost control of her own body and attacked the group. Dorian had been playing his flute, but when he realized the issue activated his winged boots, and after inspiring Fy'ra he tried to grapple Opal, who moved him away with ease; Dariax, wanting to support the air genasi, gave him some Bardic Inspiration of his own. Since Opal had cast Darkness in the battlefield, Dorian took his mandolin and cast Dispel Magic, but the warlock's spell was too strong; he instead decided to inspire Dariax back. The sorcerer, after they were attacked by both Opal and Ted, used Dimension Door to move Dorian and himself away, but shortly after, Lolth's influence made them see strange visions based on their fears: Dorian saw how the dark version of Fearne they had face months before appeared in the battlefield and started taking and corrupting the members of the Crown Keepers.

"Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93)[]

As the battle continued, Dorian cast a thunderous Chromatic Orb against a spider attacking Cyrus, but monster and victim were so close to each other that he accidentally hurt his brother too. Opal tried to send all her friends away with Mass Suggestion, but only Dorian and Dariax were affected. Under the spell's effect, the air genasi started to leave, and although the shock of witnessing how Cyrus was killed by the spider gave him a chance to resist Opal's magic, it was too strong. Angered, his last act of defiance before abandoning the battlefield was to cast a powerful Geas on the demonfeed spider Lolth had just summoned, making its mission for the following year to find and try to kill the goddess. The Spider Queen spoke in the bard's mind and admitted that she had lost control of that monster because of him, but she also taunted him, reminding him that he had been her original choice for a champion, and that if he had accepted Cyrus wouldn't have died; Dorian, however, didn't even acknowledge the Betrayer God's words, which surprised her.

Dariax and him kept walking in the direction of Zephrah, as Opal had Suggested, and continued even after the spell was over. Dariax tried to speak to his friend, who acknowledged how strange it was to think about Cyrus in that moment, and left the sorcerer somewhat confused when he began to reflect on the concept of revenge, and his desire to fight monsters and gods; noticing this, the bard dropped the subject and kept them both busy teaching him more about music, and giving him his lute to practice. When they arrived at Zephrah, they entered a tavern and following the genasi's advice, Dariax started playing there to try to earn some money, taking with him a cup his friend gave him, and that had belonged to Cyrus. As soon as the dwarf left, Dorian dropped his smile and cast Invisibility, walking away without telling anyone.

He looked for Keyleth, eventually finding her right when she was arriving through a tree. She noticed the bard despite his spell, so he made himself visible again. They talked for a while, during which Dorian shared his most recent trauma and the Voice of the Tempest agreed to send agents to locate and recover Cyrus Wyvernwind's body. Although the genasi was initially invited to stay at the archdruid's house and rest for a while, before going to sleep he received a message from Orym asking him to go to Marquet (he answered telling him he would be there), and when he learned that Keyleth also had to go there, he accompanied her, taking with him some of the equipment that the local Ashari had gotten him.

Dorian's greeting - Jenny Dolfen

Fan art of Dorian's greeting, by Jenny Dolfen.[art 15]

Thanks to the Transport via Plants they appeared in one of the camps surrounding the Tishtan excavation site, meeting shortly after with Bells Hells. Dorian was warmly greeted by Orym, Fearne and the rest of his friends; he also met Evoroa, the Ruidian scientist, and although he was somewhat confused, since he had never met a bormodo, the bard shared his food with her (and her cytaa Gona). Dorian and his former adventuring party caught up by sharing their respective adventures and recent traumatic experiences, after which they made it official that he would be rejoining Bells Hells, and they toasted together remembering Cyrus and the recently departed Fresh Cut Grass.

Back with Bells Hells[]

Eventually the adventurers went to bed, but soon before sunrise Dorian was contacted by Orym with the sending stone, asking for Bells Hells to come help him and Fearne (the latter had been lured into a meeting with Sorrowlord Zathuda and now was being attacked). The bard woke up the rest of the group, and they started tracking their two missing friends, until they found them in the desert, still alive, as the Sorrowlord was leaving. Dorian immediately used Cure Wounds to help Fearne. As they walked back to the encampment, Bells Hells filled him in on all the details of what had happened since they parted months ago. During a meeting the next morning with Keyleth and her allies, Dorian stated that he trusted people more than gods and champions in this cause. Due to the chaotic nature of the party's preparations, Dorian quietly cast Message asking Keyleth if she thought they were prepared, and the archdruid told him that she did. Later, during the confrontation in Zadash with Astrid Becke, an archmage of the Cerberus Assembly, Dorian tried to trap her by casting Forcecage for the first time but was Counterspelled.[42]

Orym's thank you - Elaine Tipping

Fan art of Orym's thank-you, by Elaine Tipping.[art 16]

After questioning Astrid, Dorian and his friends left to go shopping, ordering new outfits to withstand the cold. Dorian provided some rough sketches for a more artistic approach to his own clothing. At The Invulnerable Vagrant, Dorian noticed that Orym was very interested in a set of antique Ashari-made Zephyr Armor, and the bard offered all his money so that they could afford it and the halfling would be happy. Dorian also suggested killing the simulacra of Pumat Sol to steal whatever they wanted, since they weren't technically people, but was overruled. That night at The Lodge of the Eclipse, Dorian enjoyed the establishment's burlesque shows with Chetney, and stayed to watch Madame Feathered Face. When Chetney was convinced that Madame Feathered Face had given him a feather for a reason, Dorian suggested that she probably gave feathers at all her performances. The group took a moment to remember Bertrand when Dorian showed them his sword. When Essek left by floating, Dorian cast Fly on Chetney to show them it wasn't impossible to replicate that ability.

Dorian was officially introduced to Pâté de Rolo. He was horrified by the now-living familiar but tried to be polite to him regardless. Later, he joined Fearne and Orym outside and they talked about their old adventures back in Tal'Dorei; after Fearne left them alone (not very subtly), Dorian attempted to ease Orym's general concern, telling him that he did not need to try to save everyone and using himself as an example: without the fighter's help, he had managed to survive and return to his side. Later that night, Dorian was awakened by the commotion of Laudna and Orym fighting over Ishta. Dorian hadn't witnessed the tragedies caused by the blade, but he tried to calm things down, arguing that Ishta was just an object, and that he was tired of inanimate objects getting between his friends. Otohan Thull had caused pain to Bells Hells, not the weapon itself.[43] After Laudna and Imogen left the room the bard was concerned about them and wondered if they should go find them, and when he was told they needed time, he asked about Delilah Briarwood, getting more information about Laudna's patron, as well as some romantic details (such as Imogen and Laudna being a couple, or Chetney and Fearne having a threesome, which left the genasi shocked). When Imogen returned, just as Dorian wondered if they could trust Laudna, he tried to hide it by pretending that they were rehearsing the lyrics of a song, but despite that the group started talking openly about the subject again; when the warlock returned the bard played his mandolin to cast Cure Wounds on her, and Orym, following his advice, decided to reject Ishta as a weapon, since it was just an object.

After a night of rest Dorian woke up to watch the sunrise, and in the meantime he used his jeweler's tools to incorporate some lapis lazuli gems to his flute and his sword (using the power of the latter to strengthen himself, but taking the risk of being easier to kill that day). Later, before they left Zadash, Bells Hells got their new outfits, and Dorian showed that he had stopped using silver ornaments (as a second son), using instead gold as his family's heir. After multiple attempts casting Teleport, Essek eventually was able to bring Bells Hells to Eiselcross, guiding them to the Aeorian ruins, where Dorian and his friends started exploring.[44]

Double Lightning Bolt by Odd

Fan art of a double Lightning Bolt, by Odd.[art 17]

When the group was attacked by a big monster wielding a hammer Dorian was hit by that weapon, but immediately after he activated his winged boots to fly back into the battlefield, joining efforts with Imogen to cast a combined Lighting Bolt against the creature. He, however, got startled when a Fireball caused by wild magic exploded where the sorcerer was, and got worried the same would happen to him; regardless of that, he focused on the fight and inspired Chetney. Later, when they killed the monster, the bard started explaining his favorite parts of the encounter, casting Motivational Speech before they took a rest.

When the group reached a pothole Dorian, with Imogen and Essek, used his Fly spell to help all the adventurers descend safely, and he carried Orym as the halfling scanned the surrounding area in case there were enemies. Later, when they were in a tunnel the genasi got worried, and cast See Invisibility in case there was something suspicious hidden nearby. Eventually they all reached a room filled with chains and corpses, the most recent of which belonged to members of the Ruby Vanguard. After learning that something called "Dominox" had killed those people, Fearne summoned Teven Klask to ask for help, and Bells Hells explained to a very surprised Dorian that the devil was one of Fearne's many boyfriends. After Teven explained to Bells Hells how dangerous Dominox was, as a grand demon, Dorian decided to use Motivational Speech to protect those he deemed more vulnerable; despite his efforts, the bard himself ended up being mentally influenced by Dominox, seeing a vision of his brother's corpse hanging from one of the chains in the room, looking at him and telling him he had pulled him into his problems instead of letting Cyrus solve his own.[45] "Cyrus" made him feel guilty before telling him that his and other souls were currently trapped in that plane, and that the bard had to help them; after seeing a glimpse of a purple crystal, the vision ended, and Dorian, very nervous, started inspecting one of the Aeorian mummies looking for the crystal, ending covered in dust that Imogen cleaned using Prestidigitation. Later they were talking about how to deal with Dominox, Teven mentioned that because Fearne has requested his help their deal was now active, and when she admitted she didn't understand what that entailed, Dorian whispered to her that if she needed help, his parents had very good lawyers.

The group continued exploring, and when in one room they discovered that there was something hidden inside a closet, Dorian decided to take the initiative by knocking on the door rhythmically, after which the person inside knocked too, continuing the melody. When they opened the closet they discovered Braius Doomseed, a wounded minotaur paladin who was there to kill Ludinus; Dorian helped him by casting Cure Wounds, after which Braius thanked him and called him a powerful man. As the minotaur was talking with Teven it became clear he was somewhat starstruck, and Dorian encouraged him, telling him not to lose confidence in front of the champion. When they found the engine room they were looking for, Ashton admitted they didn't want to deal with the demon inside, and when Dorian asked if it was because of fear, the barbarian responded that they feared the possibility of losing the fight. After they went in (with Dorian receiving a Blessing from Braius) it was suggested that Essek should explore the high ceiling, but when the drow explained that his floating ability had its limitations, Dorian showed off a bit by using his winged boots to do it himself; however, when they were interacting with Dominox (who had taken the form of a little girl) the bard landed near Ashton and told him that even if he was scared of losing, they were all losers there already, after which he unsheathed his sword. After a brief attempt of examining the engine (during which Dorian watched Braius as he tried to climb towards the Pinion of Service), Dominox attacked them; Dorian avoided being hit by the demon's Writhing Chains, and then he cast Shatter on one of the spires of the engine, throwing the purple crystal into a corner of the room, and then inspired his new paladin friend. Braius returned the favor later, when he used his Sorrowful Fate to ensure that Dominox would be affected by the very anxious bard's Irresistible Dance spell. Shortly after, and thanks to a portal created by Ludinus Da'leth himself, they were able to push the Grand Demon of Loathing into the Abyss, allowing Teven to destroy him permanently.

Once the battle was over, Ludinus told the group that he wanted to talk to them, and they followed him to the Occultus Thalamus, where the archmage, after explaining some of his past witnessing the destruction caused by the gods, showed them what the device contained: the memories and history of Aeor and its destruction.[46]


Cyrus Wyvernwind[]

Growing up, Dorian felt that, even if they bonded playing together and fighting, there was often distance between him and Cyrus, and since Cyrus was the heir to the leadership of the Silken Squall and Dorian was second line.[47] This changed after the brothers reunited in Jrusar and after Cyrus revealed the situation in which he'd found himself. Dorian began to feel protective of his brother, and by the time they were traveling to Kymal, felt that losing him would be his worst fear.[48]

After losing Cyrus, Dorian felt like he didn't know him as well as he should have, and wondered if he was a bad person because of it.[49] He also felt an immense desire for revenge,[50] and when talking about the subject with Bells Hells, he said that for the first time in his life he was actually angry.[51] When Dominox, the Grand Demon of Loathing, was playing with Dorian's mind, he showed the bard his brother's corpse blaming him for his fate.[52]

Dariax Zaveon[]

Dorian has referred to Dariax as a friend, which Dariax appeared touched by. Dorian told Poska that "if he doesn't like someone, I don't like someone."[53] They trusted each other and spent some time together, even sharing a love for music. However, ultimately Dorian didn't share with Dariax concerns he thought the dwarf wouldn't understand, and prioritized Dariax having simple happiness while Dorian dealt with his own feelings.

Fy'ra Rai[]

Dorian was a little hesitant in trusting Fy'ra Rai originally when she joined the party given the amount of time he has spent with Orym, Dariax, Fearne, and Opal. He gradually respects her more as she proves trustworthy on their journey south of Byroden, and into Niirdal-Poc, with her strong urge of protection over the group.


Dorian's feelings were hurt when Orym expressed alarm about Dorian holding onto the Circlet of Barbed Vision tightly because for Dorian it wasn't so much about personal power but about ensuring that their party collectively kept stewardship of the evil artifact.[54] By the time of Campaign Three, Dorian considered Orym their small group's leader.[55] At some point between the time of EXU and Campaign Three, Orym told Dorian, along with Fearne, about his deceased husband.[56]

Orym greeting Dorian - Noxarcanaart

Fan art of Orym greeting Dorian, by noxarcanaart.[art 18]

After Dorian left Marquet, he kept a sending stone with him, and Orym used it to contact him several times, letting him know that Bells Hells didn't forget about him.

During an exercise about honesty Orym admitted that he still missed Dorian, and although sometimes he felt that those feelings were okay, sometimes he felt that they weren't.[57]

After losing the Crown Keepers as a group, the thought of seeing Orym again was one of Dorian's motivations, and when they reunited they were both elated. Dorian tried to help his friend and make him happy, although trying to make the rest of Bells Hells not feel left out.

Bertrand Bell[]

Dorian quickly became fond of Bertrand after meeting him, and the two shared a moment at the Spire by Fire the night after their first encounter with Dugger, shortly before Bertrand was killed, in which Bertrand urged Dorian to make the most of his opportunities.[58] Afterward, Dorian felt upset about Bertrand's death,[59] and referred to him as a friend when he took his revenge on Dugger.[60] He wrote him a song on his way back to Tal'Dorei, and has kept his blade.

Braius Doomseed[]

Dorian and Braius first met when, through a rhythmic knocking, the genasi revealed the minotaur bleeding out inside a closet. After he healed him, the paladin became thankful and slightly flirtatious towards Dorian, and while they explored the Aeorian ruins and fought a demon, they supported and encouraged each other.

Character information[]

Exandria Unlimited Prime stats[]

Dorian's character stats were rerolled between Exandria Unlimited Prime and Campaign Three.[61] His original stats at level 2 were:[62]

HP: 13 AC: 14 DC: 12/10
Str: 14 Dex: 14 Con: 10
Int: 12 Wis: 10 Cha: 15

Notable items[]

Dorian - Deandra Scicluna

Fan art of Dorian with his lute, by Deandra Scicluna.[art 19]

Former items[]


  • Limited Blindsight[85]

Genasi abilities[]

Dorian lornart

Fan art of Dorian with his lute, by LornArt.[art 20]

  • Subrace: Air Genasi
    • Unending Breath[86]
    • Mingle with the Wind (Cast Levitate 1/Day)[87]


  • Magic Initiate: Sorcerer[88]
    • Chromatic Orb (1/day)
    • 2 Sorcerer cantrips
  • Mobile[presumed][89]


Skills: Acrobatics,[90] Deception,[91] Sleight of Hand,[92][93] Persuasion[94]
Expertise: Performance,[95][96] Athletics[97][98]

Bard abilities[]

  • Bardic Inspiration (1d8)[99]
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Song of Rest (1d6)
  • Bard College: College of Swords
    • Bonus Proficiencies[100]
    • Fighting Style (Two-Weapon Fighting)
    • Blade Flourish[101]
    • Extra Attack
  • Font of Inspiration
  • Magical Secrets

Bard spells[]

Spell level Spell Notes
0 (cantrip) Blade Ward[102]
0 (cantrip) Mending[103]
0 (cantrip) Minor Illusion[104]
0 (cantrip) Thunderclap[105]
0 (cantrip) Message[106]
1st Charm Person[107]
1st Cure Wounds[108]
1st Dissonant Whispers[109]
1st Thunderwave[110]
2nd Invisibility[111]
2nd See Invisibility[112]
2nd Shatter[113]
2nd Warding Wind[114]
3rd Hypnotic Pattern[115]
3rd Lightning Bolt[116] His Lightning Bolt is yellow.
3rd Motivational Speech[117]
5th Geas[118]
6th Otto's Irresistible Dance[119]
7th Forcecage[120]

Behind the scenes[]

Robbie Daymond named Dorian after the Dorian musical mode, in reference to his youthfulness through a connection to The Picture of Dorian Gray, and after his first pet, a Great Dane. Brontë Secondsun Wyvernwind was chosen for its similarly thematic connections: Brontë being "thunder" in Greek for a weather theme, and Secondsun in reference to him being a second son. Dorian's stage surname "Storm" was chosen because he "wanted a cheesy stage name" and for its thematic relation to Brontë.[121]

Dorian's character was developed specifically to contrast with Robbie's self-described extroversion and social confidence. He sought to play a bard opposite to his own comfort as a musical performer and to the type of bard Scanlan Shorthalt from Campaign One was established as. Going into Exandria Unlimited Prime, he drew from being a new cast member and sought to "find a character that is competent and charming, but also nervous". He found "a bard with stage fright" and "high charisma with social anxiety" to be a fun, complex character.[121]

Robbie explained that some of the characters he played/created in early playtests were used for inspiration in creating Dorian, including Emile Moonwake (a water genasi he played in preparation for Exandria Unlimited and from whom he took the idea of Dorian's moon-touched scimitar), Flint-tip Bearscat (a handsome goblin ranger who appeared in Narrative Telephone), Angus Boulderbrow (from a charity game), and Jaxy Flaxseed the Tabaxi Taxi (a retired monk that ran a rickshaw whose concept he gave to another person in a different charity).[122]

Dorian was brought into Campaign Three as a guest character after Liam and Ashley chose to play the campaign with their Exandria Unlimited Prime characters Orym and Fearne, who started as initial Campaign Three concepts, leading to Dorian being a "perfect fit" to bring with them. His stats, which were originally determined using the standard array method, were re-determined under the same rules as other characters in Campaign Three and in prior campaigns: using the rolled method in the Player's Handbook with a homebrewed rule that if the sum of the scores was less than 70, they could reroll the scores.[123][124]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "Mm-hmm. Sorry, bacon lips."[125]
  • (during a parting toast with Bells Hells) "You know what's funny? I've always felt, my entire life, always, like I was on the outside looking in. And you, you have all made me feel like I am part of something bigger, and I will be forever grateful for that. Thank you."[126]
  • (in response to Orym's sending stone message) "Oh, Orym. My heart aches that I cannot be there to help you. Find strength. Stay steadfast. Sending you fairer winds. Is this thing on?"[127]
  • (to Keyleth) "Well, what's the point in saving the world if there's no one there to write a song about it?"[128]



Screenshot of Matthew Mercer cosplaying as Dorian Storm from "What Comes Next" (E1x08).[art 21]

  • Dorian derives from the Ancient Greek dôron (gift).
  • Unlike the rest of the party in Exandria Unlimited Prime, Dorian's race was not clearly indicated in "The Nameless Ones" (E1x01). Instead, Robbie confirmed it in a Tweet a day after the initial broadcast.[5]
  • Matt cosplayed Dorian in the sponsor segment of "What Comes Next" (E1x08).[129]
  • The animation on his Campaign Three stat card features a ripple effect, similar to wind disturbing the surface of water.[13]
  • Dorian has appeared in more consecutive episodes than any other guest character.
    • His total appearances in a main campaign is also greater than Zahra Hydris' (13 episodes) and Kashaw Vesh's (12 episodes).
    • His total appearances overall, including Exandria Unlimited and specials, remains greater than Zahra's and Kashaw's 14 overall appearances.
  • Dorian is the second guest character from a miniseries or one-shot to appear in a main campaign, after Arkhan.
  • Robbie Daymond revealed that Dorian had romantic feelings for a member of Bells Hells, though he kept some distance in that regard. When Marisha Ray asked if the bard was crushing on Imogen, Robbie simply said that the idea was "interesting" and that he was glad to know about Marisha's ships.[130]
  • Robbie wrote and performed a song sung by Dorian during his airship journey back to Tal'Dorei in memory of his former traveling companion and fellow adventurer, "The Ballad of Bertrand Bell".
  • Dorian is (so far) the only character to be a player character in three campaigns, namely Exandria Unlimited Prime, Campaign Three: Bells Hells and Exandria Unlimited: Kymal.
  • After leaving Kymal, Dorian has been working on his nicknames for the other members of the Crown Keepers, such as "Bossy Genasi" for Fy'ra Rai.[131]
  • He likes to get up early to watch the sunrise.[132]
  • Dorian doesn't draw too well,[133] but he did study art as a child.[134]
  • Dorian sees Keyleth as a motherly presence, which is something he has missed in his life.[135]
  • Matthew Mercer confirmed he had plans for Robbie and Dorian, even when the character wasn't with Bells Hells.[136] As of "Rush for the Bloody Bridge" (3x82) Robbie did confirm Dorian was still alive,[137] and in "Broken Roads" (3x92) it was revealed that the Crown Keepers had been having some adventures of their own. In "Bittersweet Reunions" (3x93) Matt confirmed that his plan all along was to bring Robbie back for the last part of Campaign Three, but he didn't expect it would happen under such dire in-game circumstances.[138]

Art gallery[]

For more images, see Category:Images of Dorian Storm.

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