"Doom Eternal One-Shot" (Sx52) is the 52nd special from Critical Role. Game Master Matthew Mercer leads a horde of demons on an adventure based on the DOOM Eternal FPS.

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Featured Characters Edit

  • The Pain Elemental (Phyllis)
  • The Archvile (Ichibod)
  • The Revenant (Riva)
  • The Mancubus (Mancubus)
  • The Marauder (Krill)

Other Characters Edit

  • The Doomslayer
  • Dr. Samuel Hayden

Quotations Edit

  • Laura:: (pigeon cooing)
    Sam: There's no pigeons in this world, it has to be something else.
    Matt: All the pigeons are dead.
    Laura: It's a demon pigeon.


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