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The Dolorav tribe (or Dolorav clan[1]) was Yasha's tribe from the Iothia Moorlands in Xhorhas.


The Dolorav are are one of the largest human societies in Eastern Wynandir. They are a matriarchal warrior tribe, whose fighters prove themselves through rituals and through dangerous feats. They also choose their leader, whom they call the Skyspear, through trials of both strength and mental acuity.[1]

The clan is tight-knit and stands together against the hostile landscape of the moorlands. They, like the neighboring Koshtask clan, are resistant to attempts by the Kryn Dynasty to convert them to worship of the Luxon.[1]


All members of the Dolorav tribe take a blood oath called the Marking either in their teens, or upon joining if they do so later in life, after which they are given a tribal name.[2] The oath also requires that members remain celibate until the Skyspear assigns them a mate. The punishment for violating this oath is death.[3] The tribe also associates with individuals or groups of individuals that don't take the Marking, but despite their alliance those people are not considered full members of the Dolorav tribe (although they do enjoy certain freedoms, such as choosing who to partner with to start a relationship, and the Skyspear has no authority over those choices). People that are born outside their community can sometimes join. When they are found and adopted by the tribe from a young age they are called "foundlings".[4]

  • Dernia: A member of the tribe who had a gift for husbandry.[5]
  • Danae: A member who had different jobs, including helping with the well and standing guard.[6]
  • Jadek: Current Skyspear as of 836 PD.[7]

Former members[]

  • Frinda: She was a candidate to take the Marking, and went through different trials at the same time than Yasha and Zuala. However, at some point she drank poisoned water and she died.[8]
  • Yasha Nydoorin (banished)
  • Zuala (deceased)
  • Unidentified necromancer (banished)[9]


The Dolorav Tribe is comprised of descendents of the Vukan, a formerly seafaring group who attacked the Ki'Nau around 400 PD and who were nearly wiped out themselves by Uk'otoa.[10][1]

The Dolorav clan occasionally allies with the Koshtask clan and as of 835 PD) they were considering doing so to fight the Many Hosts of Igrathad.[1]

In 834 PD, a member of the clan, later revealed to be Yasha,[11] massacred its leadership, and the Dolorav were still recovering a year later.[1]

Yasha and the Tribe - BlackSalander

Fan art of Yasha facing the tribe, by BlackSalander.[art 2]}}

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)[]

Yasha and Beau visited the Iothia Moorland to pay respects at Zuala's grave, leading to a confrontation with the Dolorav that was only averted by Kord's lightning. The new Skyspear told Yasha where Zuala was buried along the Seepfeed River and told Yasha not to return.[12]



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