The Dolorav Tribe was Yasha's tribe from the Iothia Moorlands in Xhorhas.

The Dolorav clan is a fierce and disciplined warrior tribe, as well as one of the largest human societies in Eastern Wynandir. The Dolorav are descended from the surviving members of the Vukan, who were defeated by the Ki'Nau and their patron Uk'otoa in centuries past. They've now grown into a matriarchal society ruled by a champion called the Skyspear, who is chosen through feats of strength and mental acuity. Tribal warriors gain glory by surviving dangerous trials and rituals, and the majority of the Dolorav hunters and fighters are women.

The clan is a tight-knit community that understands the perilous nature of the land, and is ever vigilant to protect its own and rebuff the attempts of the dynasty to indoctrinate members into the Luxon's worship. On rare occasions, the Dolorav clan has been known to ally with the Koshtask clan against a common foe, and recently there have been talks of renewing such a truce to fight the Many Hosts of Igrathad.[1]

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The tribe is a matriarchal society, whose leader was called the Skyspear. About a year ago one of their own killed the Skyspear.[1] It is currently unknown who runs the tribe now.

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All who belong to the clan take a blood oath called the Marking as a teenager (or on being accepted into the clan, if they joined later in life). This vow demands celibacy until an appointed mate is chosen by the Skyspear. They are strict about rules.[2]

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