"Dockside Diplomacy" (2x35) is the thirty-fifth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role, and the 150th episode overall. The Mighty Nein find success in their task for the Ruby, but chaos ensues as they continue their search for Marius LePual...




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Previously on Critical Role

"Last we left off: The Mighty Nein had found their way outside of the Dwendalian Empire and to their first city along the coast of the Menagerie Coast: Nicodranas. Where Fjord had passed through previously on his various adventures through the waters nearby, and Jester's upbringing was entirely within. You had met actually with Jester's mother: Marian, the Ruby of the Sea. As well as begin to seek information about an individual that seemingly was connected with your time up in Shadycreek Run and the sphere that Fjord had absorbed.

"You discovered that there was an individual that had grown jealous and strangely aggressive regarding the companionship of Jester's mother, and as such, began to seek information about them in a way to put an end to this behavior. In doing so, you went to a tavern. Met a captain that had possibly room for a few of you to travel with, about a week from now. You met a tortle (for many of you, the first time you had encountered a tortle), who had some interesting things to say and seemingly a lead on the individual you were looking for. You also found information about what's called the Sluice Weave: a series of waterways beneath the city, where seemingly this Algar - this individual that was creating tension with the Ruby of the Sea - works and oversees.

"So you made your way to the outskirts of the docks, search through the water for an entrance, and managed to muscle your way through the grates below (nearly drowning the pets that you had recently purchased). You encountered a few small water elementals, and eventually came upon one of the nexus areas of this waterway - where it seemed there was an elemental entity named Xundi that was bound to this location and was essentially helping run and control the water in-and-out, under the supervision of Algar.

"Catching them, but however, not being as stealthy as you had hoped, you were noticed and as such, a battle commenced - where this Xundi, this elemental figure, was given the command by Algar to 'take care of them and see them out'. In this fray, a number of you fell and fell again. But through a combination of Fjord's teleportation spell abilities, you guys keeping each other alive, and Beauregard repeatedly punching very hard whatever got in her way...you managed to subdue Algar, destroy his two guards (raise one as a spectre), and - noticing there was something affixed to his wrist that seemed to have some connection with Xundi - Fjord cut his left hand off..."

Part I

Campaign 2 Tracker Map, Episode 35

Beauregard watches as Fjord cuts Algar's left hand off. She also sees Fjord's spectre, and Fjord informs her the spectre is with him. Fjord takes Algar's bracelet and holds it in front of his face, successfully intimidating him into revealing information. However, before he can respond, Xundi appears. Xundi removes the collar from his neck, and asks Fjord for the bracelet. Algar insists that Xundi is not to be trusted, and Beau punches him. At this point, the rest of the Mighty Nein climb up to where this conversation is taking place. Xundi tells Fjord why he was enslaved (using vague language) and Fjord empathizes with him and tosses him the bracelet. Xundi asks Fjord for the honor of killing Algar, but Fjord and Beau say that they have further questions, but in actuality they do not want to kill Algar, who is bleeding out and has passed out. Fjord stabilizes him with a tourniquet. Xundi tells the Mighty Nein he has business to take care of and invites them to his Silver Silt Palace in the endless oceans of his world (presumed to be the elemental plane of water) and offers a reward for their assistance if they ever come there. He leaves to find his partner. Beauregard asks how to power the city without him, and Xundi leaves without providing an answer.

Caduceus casts turn undead upon sighting Fjord's spectre and panicking. The spectre flees. Jester asks if they are going to kill Algar. The Mighty Nein debate over whether or not to kill Algar or frame him for the guard's death and freeing Xundi. They decide to wake up Algar and get more information before deciding. Jester disguises herself as a Tortle with a skirt to make sure Algar does not connect them to the Ruby of the Sea. Beaureguard restrains Algar while Caduceus casts Prayer of Healing. Jester pretends to cast Prayer of Healing as well. Algar wakes up, and Fjord tells Algar not to call out for help. Nott rifles through Algar's pockets and finds 21gp, 45sp, and 2pp, as well as an empty glass vial, a dagger, and a basic hand crossbow with five bolts. Nott also takes Algar's shirt buttons.

The Mighty Nein interrogate Algar using Beauregard's extort truth feature. Algar tells them that he is the supervisor of the Sluice gate and reports to the Clovis Concord. He was assigned here from port Zoon, and reports to the Marquis Zhafe Uludan. He reveals that the Margrave and the Clovis Concord knew about Xundi, and that there is another marid powering Port Damali. Fjord asks Algar what he does for fun and threatens to hand Algar over to Caleb, a 'fearsome beast' who sends Frumpkin onto Algar's chest. Caleb tells Algar, "He's hungry, and so am I." A suitably terrified Algar tells them his hobbies. He has no friends or strong connections in the city. He reveals that his job was to maintain the weave and control Xundi. Now that Xundi is gone, the Nicodranas will have to re-network anything. Fjord uses mask of many faces and changes into Algar's, and the Mighty Nein inform him that they will be framing him for the loss of Xundi. They coerce Algar into leaving the city, changing his name, and never looking back. Caleb tells Frumpkin to gnaw on Algar's chin and Caduceus casts decompose on Algar's severed hand to help with the coercing.

Algar leads the Mighty Nein out of the Sluice Weave and into a small office. They search the office while Fjord tells Algar not to tell anyone anything about what has transpired or get help. Caleb finds files on how Xundi was used to power and protect the city. Before they leave the building, Fjord's spectre begins to follow them. Caduceus casts turn undead again. Meanwhile, Jester forges a letter in Algar's hand, expressing a hatred for Nicodranas and his superiors, claiming credit for freeing Xundi, and making vague threats. The specter returns, and Jester casts turn undead. The spectre returns as they debate the contents of the letter, and both Jester and Caduceus attack the spectre before Fjord dismisses the spectre. Jester finishes forging the letter, signing off with "Choke upon your woe! or eat fecal matter? -Algar." They stick the letter to Algar's office door with a quill.

Beau, Nott, and Fjord escort Algar to the docks where he boards a ship to Marquet. They pay for his journey and give him a little spending cash in the form of one platinum piece and five copper Nott stole from him earlier. Caduceus swims out to the boat they used to enter the Sluice gate, and casts calm emotions on himself as he swims. He returns the boat to the fisherman the Mighty Nein borrowed it from, and tells the fisherman that he's had enough ocean for a while.

The party makes their way back to the Lavish Chateau, and swings by the Tidepeak, and Jester notices that the city does not seem to be massively changed, but the normal smoke plumes are just whips of smoke. They return to the Lavish Chateau where a few people are relaxing and having dinner. Jester disguises herself as a Tortle again, and the Mighty Nein makes their way upstairs. Jester tells Bluud, the Ruby of the Sea's bodyguard, and he hugs her before letting them pass to see Marion, who recognizes Jester after a few moments.

Yasha is introduced to Marion, who welcomes the Mighty Nein back and offers them food and rooms. Jester informs her mother that Algar has fled the city and claims she doesn't know why. Marion thanks them for looking into the matter and says she feels much more comfortable. The party eats downstairs and Jester tells Nott that she doesn't want her mother finding out about Algar in case she got in trouble, but also because she's worried her mom will be disappointed in her. Jester assures herself that it is just a white lie. Marion joins them for dinner and expresses her happiness that Jester has made friends.

As they talk, Jester tells her mother that they came to Nicodranas for Fjord, who denies it, and Jester explains that he has swallowed a ball. Marion offers assistance in the form of a doctor. Caleb asks about Jester as a child, and Marion reveals that Jester was a joyful child, quick to learn, who was always finding, making, or getting into trouble. She had a good sense for who needed to be taken down a peg. She has many stories about Jester, but none she will speak about in mixed company. Jester, who forgot to cast disguise self, puts on her cast-iron tiki mask, which Marion notes is 'interesting' for dinner.

Beauregard leaves to check on Professor Thaddeus, who is sitting on a coat rack and staring at the young man who took care of the Professor. He assures Beauregard that her owl is fine, and is covered in scratches. Beauregard tries to call Professor Thaddeus to her and he instead enters the tavern and flies to the rafters, disrupting dinner. Caleb summons Frumpkin the octopus and stares at Beauregard like a bond villain. Caduceus coaxes Professor Thaddeus down from the rafters with a beetle, but Professor Thaddeus returns to the rafters after eating. Marion agrees to watch Nugget the blink dog while the Mighty Nein goes out for the night. Jester tells her mother that Nugget is special, and demonstrates by having Nugget teleport. Beauregard is able to call Professor Thaddeus to her by cursing at him.

A bit before midnight the Mighty Nein heads to the Restless Wharf. Caleb begins a spell to turn Frumpkin into a different form. Caduceus notices a shady figure darting between patrols of Zhelezo's and remarks that "It's pretty quiet. Other than that guy hiding over there by the shipping crates, there's really nothing to see." A Zhelezo spots the hidden figure and calls out to them, and the figure reveals himself as Marius LePual. Marius gives something to the Zhelezo, who takes it and leaves her post. The figure darts back behind the crates once again and keeps looking at a ship about 35-40 feet from his position. Nott sneaks closer to the figure and waits. Caduceus notices that someone from the ship puts out a light near where the ship is docked and points it out to the party.

Nott watches Marius step onto the dock and towards the ship, and trails behind. Two figures step up to meet Marius. Fjord attempts to get closer to the ship to listen into conversations, and makes a loud splashing sound when he hits the water, drawing attention to him. Jester tries cover it up with dolphin noise, but it sounds like dying dolphins and makes the situation worse. One of the figures on the ship grab the scruff of Marius's shirt, while the other starts to investigate the noise.

Beauregard tries to create a distraction by saying loudly to Caleb that she threw their engagement ring into the water with the rabies dolphins, and that their life together is over. Nott messages Caleb that there's been a loud splash and some sort of argument, and that they should get out of here now. Beauregard continues to yell at Caleb as Tracy, talking about their failed relationship as Caleb continues to cast his spell. The figure from the ship approaches and tells Beauregard to leave. She responds by cry-yelling at him that she's had a rough day. Three arrows are fired at Beauregard from the ship. One arrow misses Beauregard and she throws two back at one of the archers.


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Part II

The Mighty Nein engage in battle with the crew. Fjord Misty Steps to Marius LePual, and fails to convince him to flee with the Mighty Nein. Several zhelezos are alerted by the sound of combat and when Fjord casts Thunder Step. After exchanging some blows, the Mighty Nein hear one of the crew shout "burn it all!" and one crew member goes below decks. After several blows and spells are exchanged, Beauregard runs up to Marius and drags him behind some barrels, using her staff to grapple him by pulling it against his throat.

Fan art of Caleb's Fireball on The Mist, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

Caleb casts fireball and sets part of the ship on fire. While the others fight, Beauregard and Yasha drag Marius away from the ship, but Marius breaks free of their hold and flees onto the ship.

Caduceus hears the sound of many footfalls approaching and deduces that the zhelezos are on their way. He warns the rest of the Mighty Nein as combat continues. A crew member unfurls the sail, which is plain, attempting to escape the area. Beauregard makes her way onto the ship and takes out two of the bowmen. She then tries to convince Marius that the Mighty Nein are on his side, but he's too panicked to understand or be convinced. Beauregard then puts her weight on the trapdoor to the lower decks, blocking access. Jester and Caleb make their way onto the boat as the zhelezos arrive and spot Yasha, Fjord, and several people on the ship. They order everyone to halt.

Caduceus makes a distraction by casting Thaumaturgy and making the sound of a door closing loudly, then flees calmly away from the ship. Yasha runs onto the ship while Fjord swims to the boat and climbs aboard. The guards draw weapons as they move. Beauregard unties the ship from the dock and shoves off. Nott dashes onto the ship and distracts the zhelezos with silent image, creating an image of the Captain waving his hands about and signaling for help. Jester summons her double, and sends it running across the docks to hide poorly. Caleb sets part of the dock on fire, then goes below decks and finds a crew member burning papers. The guards attack. Caduceus casts disguise self and takes the image of a drunken, pirate-y old man and makes his way around the houses that line the dock, taking the long way around towards the boat. Yasha pulls up the anchor and stands in front of Marius like a human shield.

Marius moves past Yasha and tries to get the zhelezos to stop attacking, claiming it is all a big misunderstanding. The guards are unconvinced. Fjord runs below deck and attacks the enforcer burning papers. Beauregard calls out for Fjord, the only knowledgeable sailor, and manages to catch the wind with the sail. Nott tackles Marius and grapples him against the deck. Jester charms three of the zhelezos, including the leader. Meanwhile below decks, Fjord takes some heavy hits from the crew member. Caleb casts suggestion on the crew member who crawls under a desk, and then Caleb makes his way to the main deck. The charmed guards stop attacking, order their companions to stop attacking, and approach the ship. Caduceus makes his way towards the boat, climbing into the water with a splash. Nott begins to tie up Marius, and Yasha shoves the gangplank into the water with another splash, pushing the ship away from the dock.

Fjord climbs up to where the rudder is located and begins to turn the ship towards open ocean. Jester's duplicate attacks herself with an ax and falls into the water, to the despair of the charmed guards. Caleb puts out the fire and sees that of the documents the crew were burning, one was a map. The guards realize that some of their counterparts are under magical control and call for help and a mage while trying to slap them out of it. One guard dives into the water in an attempt to save Jester's duplicate. Caduceus swims towards the ship, and Fjord spots him, but Caduceus is still in disguise. Caleb and the crewman make their way upstairs, fighting, and Jester joins in the fray as Caduceus makes it onto the boat, which still moving away from the harbor, and he drops the disguise. The crewman continues to attack as Jester and Caleb try to convince him to put down his weapon. He flees, and Jester takes him out with her handaxe.

As the ship makes it out of the harbor and to relative safety, the Mighty Nein discover the name of the ship: The Mist. A tied up and very confused Marius is interrogated and tells the party that he was at the docks to inform some very mysterious business contacts that a job they hired him for fell through. Fjord creates a replica of the cat-eye sphere, and Marius tells them that his job was to deliver the sphere. Caleb points out that Marius has no where to run and Marius assures him that he is well aware. Marius gives up the name of one of his contacts: Captain Avantika. He met her only once, and she rarely leaves her ship, the Squall-Eater. Marius describes her as "a forceful taker of things she wants." Marius asks the Mighty Nein not to kill him, and they say they probably won't. When he asks to be let free of the ropes, Yasha ties him to the mast instead, and Beauregard gags him.

Realizing that she left Professor Thaddeus behind, Beauregard tries to call her owl to her. Professor Thaddeus does not return. The Mighty Nein heads below deck to take stock of their new ship.

Featured Characters

The Mighty Nein






  • Xundi: "I see the hour is nigh for vengeance."
  • Fjord: "It's probably a good idea to kill me on sight." (Fjord making suggestions for the forged letter)
  • Beau: "Oh, you've all seen an owl before...shut up!"
  • Caduceus Clay: "Ow we are playing darts?"
  • Beau: "There! I threw our engagement ring and our life and I fed it to the rabies dolphins! It's over, okay! It's over!...My mom was right! I never should have gotten involved with you!...Look, this is why! Every time I try to talk to you, you play with your toys!"
  • Beau: "I've had a rough day, okay?!" (Beau unsuccessfully trying to bluff at the docks)
  • Marisha: "It was a drive-by fruiting!" (quoting "Mrs. Doubtfire" after Caleb used Catapult with crates of fruit)
  • Caleb: "Burn them all." (Caleb setting fire to the ship)


  • The in-game date when the party departed Nicodranas was 14 Cuersaar 835.[2]


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  1. Fan art of Caleb's Fireball on The Mist, by BlackSalander (source).  Used with permission.

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