Fan art of Dashilla's lair, by Westwardink.[art 1]

The Diver's Grave is an area of water within the Lucidian Ocean located amongst the Swavain Islands off the Menagerie Coast.[1]


Map of the Menagerie Coast (with the Diver's Grave highlighted in purple)

At surface level little distinguishes the location beyond the rest of the waters of the area, however the location is known for its rough waters, and unusual frequency of fierce storms.[2] The sea bed of the Diver's Grave slopes downward, gradually forming a valley that is littered with numerous shipwrecks.[3] At the center of the valley is a cavern set into the stone of a rocky shelf that is covered in dead coral.[4]

The Tide's Breath

Main article: The Tide's Breath.

Within the silt, barnacles and sediment along the seafloor lays the Tide's Breadth. The ship is resting at an odd angle, the bow slightly angled upward. On one side is a large, gaping hole in the cargo hold caused by a large explosion that tore through the hull. The top of the deck and the edges are blackened from a fire that broke out before it sank.

Points of interest

  • Dashilla's Lair A cavern set into a rock shelf located at the center of the Diver's Grave. Its deepest cave is the location of a magical ritual site.


The Diver's Grave is inhabited by a rich variety of marine life such as fish, at least one whale, and a population of merrow. The location is also home to marine plant life such as seaweed and kelp. The cavern in the area is covered in dead coral, and is home to a particularly unique species of predatory seaweed. It is at this cavern that a Sea Fury named Dashilla has made her home.



The presence of the powerful ritualistic site at the heart of the Diver's Grave dating pre-Calamity likely means the location was of some significance in the distant past;[5] however, it can be assumed that the area was of little note post-Calamity until the sea fury Dashilla arrived.

During the unknown length of time Dashilla has inhabited the region, her use of the ritual site at its center to summon storms that sink passing ships has increased the area's notoriety as a place of rough waters and fierce storms.[6] Subsequent tales of the Diver's Grave and Dashilla's actions have consequently become a subject of much folklore within the Menagerie Coast.[7][8]

Many ships have been lost in this area. One of them was the Tide's Breath, a merchant ship captained by Vandran on which Fjord crewed, that after suffering an explosion caused by Sabian's sabotage, sank to the bottom of the sea.

"The Diver's Grave" (2x44)

The Mighty Nein headed towards the shipwreck of the Tide's Breath to find the Cloven Crystal. They explored the vessel and discovered that the wreck had been looted after it sank. While there, they fought and defeated several merrows. After the victory, the party followed Jester's Locate Object on the Cloven Crystal to a cavern and entered cautiously. It contained multiple humanoid bones and ghosts, and they discovered a throne room with a rune-carved pedestal covered in old blood. Dashilla appeared and attacked but was driven off. Fjord and Caleb cut their palms and began the ritual at the pedestal, but stopped before completing it. Fjord located the Cloven Crystal hidden in the throne, and the party returned to their ship. As they sailed away, a storm rose around them but they were able to avoid the worst of it. They realized that after they left, Dashilla completed the blood ritual to call the storm.



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