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Diven Leson is an altmer with multiple regulatory professions. As an NPC, Diven Leson is played by the GM of each of the Blackwood specials: Matthew Mercer, Marisha Ray, and Liam O'Brien.



Diven is an altmer with light brown hair who wears fine clothing and who powders his face.[2]


Diven is somewhat fastidious and demanding.[3]


"The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood - Part I: Death & Taxes" (Sx55)[]

Diven arrived at the tavern (then known as the Dreary Jug) late in the evening and asked for wine. He spoke with Hoa Sen and at Mallory's recommendation ordered the Plowman's Special as well, then asked to see the group's ledgers, claiming that the previous owners of the tavern were behind on their taxes. When the party could not produce the ledgers nor the back taxes, he told them they needed to pay a 300 gold fee to delay their payment, initially asking for it immediately but eventually agreeing to wait until the morning after threats from Tavima. He then nailed a sign to the door of the tavern saying it was closed until the back taxes had been paid.

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