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Dispater is one of the archdevils of the Nine Hells and the Lord of the Second in the Iron City of Dis. Also known as the Iron Duke, he is considered a master of politics and manipulation.[2] He uses the Iron Tower in Dis as his throne.



In one depiction of Dispater, he looks like a humanoid male with slicked long hair that goes to about mid-back. His face is very chiseled and handsome, with two hooked horns at the top of the forehead, continuing upward. He does not stand on two legs, but rather has one singular cloven hoof at the bottom of his torso, and he is adorned in fine robes.[3]


Dispater is described as worried and paranoid, obsessed with keeping his city in a perpetual state of change and reconstruction.[4]


Dispater became the ruler of his layer at some point after Asmodeus became the ruler of Baator, turning celestials into the first devils,[5] and other Betrayer Gods imposed order on demons to create more of them for their armies.[6]

Either through the contact with a cabal of power-hungry Issylran warlocks during the Age of Arcanum or at some point after that specific ritual, Dispater and his devils are responsible for some of the tiefling bloodlines that now live in Exandria.[7][8]

By 810 PD Dispater still ruled Dis, and had the loyalty of its fiendish subjects. During a mission with the Slayer's Take looking for Hotis the rakshasa, members of Vox Machina found a room in which the devil had a statue of the Iron Duke.[9]

In 811 PD the whole group of adventurers traveled to the City of Dis, looking for the then-regenerating Hotis to destroy him permanently. Investigating they met a cambion, Ipkesh, who offered them information in exchange of a favor: killing his superior, Utugash, to allow him and other devils to rise in the hierarchy; the whole plan was made without the knowledge of the Lord of the Second, since Vox Machina made sure the archdevil's spies wouldn't learn of the cambion's aspirations. For such agreement, they signed a contract between Ipkesh and Percival de Rolo, in which Dispater's power and authority were invoked; in fact, the second pact of the contract even implied facilitating the introduction and installation of chosen of the Iron Duke in a place of divine worship, if said pact were to be activated.[10]

Tiefling bloodline

The power of Dispater and his layer in the Nine Hells, Dis, is, either through deals or consort-like unions with him or his devils,[7][8] the origin of some of the tiefling bloodlines of Exandria. The tieflings of Dispater are usually very dextrous. Their infernal legacy grants them a small number of magical abilities, including amplifying their voice, changing their eye color, and minor manipulation of fire (the Thaumaturgy cantrip). More powerful tieflings can make themselves look like other people (the Disguise Self spell) and can read minds (the Detect Thoughts spell).

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