"Disparate Pieces" (2x04) is the fourth episode of the second campaign of Critical Role.



On the Twitch stream, a Critical Role fan art slideshow played before the episode began.


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Previously on Critical Role

"So...last we left off: Our group of adventurers had found their various individual fates come together here in the city of Trostenwald, where they had attended a Carnival that had blown into town. Had watched a horrible occurrence happen where one of the older attendees had seemingly transformed into this terrifying zombie creature. Upon defeating it, you are all put under investigation as possible culprits for the reason that it had occurred.

"In trying to then wander the city to investigate and try and clear your name, you eventually found that there was a fiend hiding amongst these Carnival workers. This large devil-like toad creature (which through some research you had found to actually be called a 'Nergaliid') killed two more of the guards - leaving you to fend with their transformed forms - and then fled deep into the center of the Ustaloch lake.

"Upon gathering your supplies, after a night's rest, you managed to - through the trade of a bottle of wine - get passage across the lake onto the central island, which (at one time) housed the abode of a witch that had long collapsed. Waiting for nightfall, you approached the center of the grove that existed there on the island, and found near this ruin this same fiendish Nergaliid, as well as Toya: the twelve year-old Dwarf girl, who had been affixed to him for their performances in the Carnival. You did battle with this large fiendish entity, who summoned a cluster of imps and managed to knock a few of you pretty heavily to the ground before you finished it off. We left off as you all were finishing licking your wounds, catching your breath, and now - as the moonlit night gets its darkest in the sky - you figure out what the next step is in gathering means of absolving yourselves of the suspicion...

Part I

The Aftermath

Fjord and Caleb need healing, but Jester doesn't have any spells left. Caleb wants to go talk to the "cops" (the Crown's Guard). The group tries to figure out how to transport the Nergaliid's body back to Trostenwald.


  • "Behind the Shield", hosted by Sam de Leve
  • on this episode of "Adulting in the Apocalypse", Whitney Moore teaches us how to "Get in Shape" (for more, watch "Thashtopia" on Project Alpha)
  • "Good Fortnight, Kevin!", hosted by Kevin of "Darin & Amy Have To Do A Morning Show" fame/infamy (next episode is Monday, February 12th)
  • another episode of "Adulting in the Apocalypse", where our old pal Whitney teaches us about shaving

Part II

The Way of the Cobalt Soul

As the game continues, Matt asks everyone except Marisha to leave the room.

The two monks quietly walk Beauregard to a familiar place: the outskirts of the Baumbach Brewery, where Beau had previously worked when she first arrived in Trostenwald.

Featured Characters

Player Characters






  • Jester: "We had a party!"
  • Beau: "Sorry for choking you with my stick."
  • Lawmaster Norda: "I love when they do this! Lock him up."
  • Jester: "Yeah, life does need things to live."
    • Molly: "Such a stupid phrase...who said that?!?"
  • Beau: "Oh, I'm sorry, I just have this burn in my butt from all the smoke you just blew up my ass!!!"
  • Expositor Dairon: "If the system does not work, destroy the system."
  • Jester: "Oh, yes. Of course I do. I have a lot of bandages because I am...the Cleric."
  • Jester: "We are looking for pickles."
  • Jester: "And I have a pretty ribbon out of it!"
  • Jester: "My friends keep you have any health potions?"
  • Taliesin: "I'm fishing for drugs, I'm not gonna lie."
  • Matt: "Hey guys. We're dealing D&D drugs!"
  • Sam: "Cut to an hour later, someone's jamming an adrenaline needle..."
  • Matt: "Daviiiiiiies..."
  • Nott: "Doesn't hurt to be nice sometimes."
  • Molly: "I don't get along with anybody."
  • Jester: "Dear Mom, All of the money is gone. I don't know what happened, but I am very broke and I need more. Please, help me. I'm going to Zadash. That's where you can send it. Just send it to the inn that is, like, the biggest one, and I'll find it there. Just address it to me. Your Loving Daughter, Jester. P.S. Please. Thank you. I need help. Thank you."



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