Fan art of Diplomacy, by DungeonScribe.[art 1]

"Diplomacy" is a gauntlet crafted by Percival de Rolo. It can store an electric charge and then release that charge as an attack against any opponent within reach. Percy typically wears Diplomacy on his left hand.[1]

As a touch attack, Diplomacy does 3d6 lightning damage,[2] and if the target fails on a Constitution saving throw, they are stunned for a round. However, the gauntlet also has a low chance of catastrophic failure on each use.[3]

During Vox Machina's year-long break, Percy enlisted the help of Taryon Darrington to create a second feature for Diplomacy. When activated, this feature creates a Silence spell with a ten-foot diameter that moves with the gauntlet, which Percy can use to silence the sounds of his gunshots. The drawback to this is that the Silence bubble blocks all sound; Percy cannot speak or hear anything while the silencer is active.[4]

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