Fan art of Dieter destroying the Ball-Eater, by Clara.[art 2]

"Dieter" is the nickname the Mighty Nein gave to a dragon turtle that they encountered in the Lucidian Ocean near Urukayxl.[2] The name is derived from the first two syllables of "D. Turtle," short for "dragon turtle."[3][4] As an NPC, Dieter is played by Matthew Mercer.






"High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99)

After the peace talks concludeed the Mighty Nein made their way towards Rumblecusp to attend TravelerCon on the Zenith, the 26th of Unndilar, 836 PD. Fjord decides to go towards Rumblecusp via south of Urukayxl. During the journey Caduceus notices a small island trailing the Ball-Eater, after bringing it to the attention of the crew, Fjord recalls from old sailor stories and marine mythology that the island that was trailing them was this dragon turtle.

"Hunted at Sea" (2x100)

The dragon turtle gave chase to their ship, and the Mighty Nein engaged in combat, firing at it with their cannons. Jester successfully Polymorphed the dragon turtle into a sea turtle and combat subsided. However, Caduceus realized that the dragon turtle was still pursuing them in its sea turtle form as this form was in fact faster than its original form. The party decided to send in its two clerics alongside its wizard to Polymorph the dragon turtle into a form which would not be able to chase them. With Caleb's magic, he Polymorphed it into a sea slug.

After the Mighty Nein escaped the dragon turtle's wrath, Jester used Sending to contact the dragon turtle, asking "are you looking for your mate?" to which the dragon turtle ominously responded with “I need no mate. I take what I want.”

"Maritime Mysteries" (2x103)

Jester used Sending to contact Orly, who told them the crew is safe, but the dragon turtle had destroyed the Ball-Eater.

"Rumble at Rumblecusp" (2x105)

Jester suggested that the Mighty Nein try to tempt the dragon turtle, which they nicknamed "Dieter", to come to Vokodo's lair by telling him about all the ships Vokodo had hidden away, while also luring Vokodo out of his lair and into a fight with Dieter that would weaken him before they face the morkoth. Jester used Sending to message Dieter, telling him they know a guy with like a hundred ships on Rumblecusp. He responded asking where, and that he was, "Interested, maybe." Her reply told him exactly where the ships are, but he was suspicious, asking why she would tell him that after he destroyed their ship in vengeance. She was out of spells, so couldn't reply. The next morning, she Sent again, explaining that the guy with the ships is way worse than the turtle, and suggesting he should "fuck him". She came very close to persuading him, but he declined.

"Devoutness and Dicks" (2x107)

The Traveler had to leave the Mighty Nein on short notice to deal with a dragon turtle attack on a ship, presumably Dieter's work.


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  • "I need no mate. I take what I want."[5]
  • "Ships carry treasure. I take what I want."[6]
  • "I have your scent. I take what I want."[7]



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