Diedric Sutan[2] is the head of the Sutan family. He has been mentioned but not appeared on Critical Role.





The Mighty Nein first learned of Lord Sutan when Dolan Thrym, speaking in a meeting of The Knights of Requital in Zadash, named the house of Sutan as having taken over his physician practice, placing the son of the house, Ren Sutan, in charge of it.[3] When the party decided to work with the Knights in the plot to take down the High-Richter, part of the plan involved breaking into the Sutan residence to steal a wax seal and a sample of his handwriting in order to falsely connect him to the Myriad and bring down the Sutan family as well.[4][5]

The plan was executed, more or less successfully until the unexpected return home of the High-Richter and the simultaneous attack on the Zauber Spire by Xhorhasian spies.[6] Afterward, the party heard that Lord Sutan was already in chains.[7]

At Meandering Treasures in Nicodranas, Fjord purchased a Ring of Fire Resistance that had been put on an installment payment plan by Lord Sutan "a year or so ago". He was never heard from again by the pawnbroker,[8] because he was in prison.[9]


Character Information


Notable Items

  • a beautiful set of burgundy and gold robes[10]
  • a set of polished bracers made of cobalt steel imbued with magic[11]
  • three ancient relic-like statuettes[12]
  • a single polished magic river stone that served as a sending stone[13] (taken by Caleb during the break-in)




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