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"Diablo One Shot" (Sx54) is the 54th special episode from Critical Role. Matthew Mercer runs a one-shot inspired by Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo, which first aired on the BlizzConline 2021 site, and later on Blizzard and Critical Role's YouTube channels.



Welcome to Sanctuary! Critical Role is taking part in the 30th anniversary of Blizzard and the announcement of Diablo II: Resurrected with an original one-shot set in the Diablo universe.

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In the world of Sanctuary, darkness carries far. The mortal realm between the high heavens and the burning hells, life in his lands is ever a struggle, caught in the middle of this eternal conflict. The hearts of men fall easily to corruption and ancient evil ever seeks to spill into this world to sow chaos and blanket the realm in fire and shadow. In a time of shallow peace, you've each set out to make your fortunes in the world, whether to combat the evil that lurks in every lightless space or to seek the answers to the countless forgotten mysteries. that call out to the curious. You've come together in finding common purpose against the plague of evils and made a name for yourselves in the region of Westmarch here.

You found yourself summoned by a Horadric scholar called the Deckard Cain. Under the dim call of candlelight, Deckard asked for your aid, "Hello, my friends! I have heard of your great deeds already and find myself in need of others with such skills as yours. The home of my youth, the humble village of Tristram fell to flame and evil years ago. Abandoned, the ruins of Tristram have since been nothing but ash and memories often targeted by looters and grave robbers. However, rumors swirl of something dark and violent stirring beneath the cathedral. And, given the history of that place, I've foreboding worry of what might be lingering there. I would ask you five to journey to the ruins of Tristram, seek the source of these rumors, and cleanse the cathedral of what terrors might reside below. I'd like to put the souls of those lost finally to rest." After braving days of freezing wind and the persistent rain that still haunts you.

The group finally reaches the edge of the surrounding hills, looking down to the ghastly echo of the village once known as Tristram. Walking through the mud and charred foundations of what you imagine was once a modest township, you can't help but imagine what horrors must have fallen upon the denizens. Slowly, your eyes fall upon the partially crumbled stone structure to the north, the cathedral. You grasp at your weapons tightly as you enter the semi-fallen structure, finding solace within here from the rain. Stepping across the stone floor, your vision skips from broken window to fallen candelabra until you find the staircase descending to the depths below. The shine catches your eye, seeing a single gold coin resting atop of the first stair.



  • No break during this episode.

Featured Characters[]

Player Characters[]

  • Remuil
  • Mordred the Gaunt
  • Tauro
  • Indra
  • Laslo


  • Tauro: If it bleeds, you can kill it.
  • Mordred: Do we waste our time here?
    Remuil: Are we supposed to eradicate all of the evil?
    Mordred: I am.
  • Demashal: You step into the realm of Demashal! The great Eater of Storms, Lord of Annihilation and demon master of this dominion! Leave now, or be devoured by his immense and terrible form!


  • Both the original stream as well as the version uploaded by Blizzard cut out any initiative rolls as well as censor swearing, while the version uploaded by Critical Role is both uncensored and uncut.

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