Fan art of Charlie and Sprinkle, by ArtByMikuTee.[art 2]

Devexian is an aeormaton that the Mighty Nein found in the ruined city of Aeor. He was given the name Charlie while he couldn't remember his true designation. As an NPC, Devexian is played by Matthew Mercer.



Devexian is roughly humanoid, made of dull, brass-like metal with intricate filigreed engraving and gold trim. He has no nose, but does have eye sockets, a mouth, and jaw, and when the Mighty Nein found him, his legs had been heavily damaged.[1]



When the Mighty Nein found Devexian among the bodies in the amphitheater within the ruins of Aeor, the power crystal in his chest was cracked. They replaced it with one taken from another aeormaton,[2] repowering the aeormaton and causing him to function again.[3]

The aeormaton noted he had sustained injury to numerous parts of himself. He sometimes stuttered or got "stuck" while speaking and seemed to have significant gaps in his memory, including his previous designation. Caduceus named him "Charlie", and Charlie told them that his damaged systems might be able to be repaired in the Genesis Ward.[4] Charlie was able to either learn or recall Common almost immediately.[5] He noted that he had no offensive or defensive capabilities, but was a companion.[6] Because his legs were so damaged, Jester carried him on her back.[7]

The party later found a repair facility within the Genesis Ward, and when Charlie entered it, it apparently functioned properly. When he emerged, his memory had been restored (along with his name, Devexian) and his personality became much more confident and assured. Although he provided the party information about the city and where to potentially find the destination of the Tombtakers, he was unwilling to accompany them there, indicating that he needed to find his associates.[8]

Since he was brought back online, Devexian went about bringing many other aeormatons online.[9]


  • "Hello. My designation-- There is no record of that designation. Please offer a designation."[10]
  • "I must ask permission from my associates. (looks around) I do not recall my associates, so I will be my associate. You will be my associate. Charlie will come with you."[11]
  • "The process of creation is different between purely organic creatures and those of artifice, but much like two of you might create a child, I was indeed created, but through intellect, through power."[12]
  • "I may not be of much help, but if I can manage to locate or discover some means of freeing associates of mine, maybe they can be of aid, if not in time, should you fail, to be a second wave of defense against this."[13]


Veth Brenatto

Veth was the one to replace Charlie's power core, making him functional again, though damaged and with large memory gaps. When he was repaired and remembered his past life and real name, she was attracted to his voice and self-confident demeanor.


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