Desmond Moondrop is a founding member of The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, which he runs alongside Gustav Fletching. As an NPC he is played by Matthew Mercer

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Desmond is a bald man in his late 30s. He was first seen wearing a frilled frock coat of bright red, his face adorned with vibrant orange makeup to look like the setting sun. During the performance, he first wore an outfit and makeup matching the deep blue of the tent, and was later seen to don an outfit of deep-set black.

Under the makeup, Desmond's face is heavily scarred, appearing to have been shredded at some point in the past.[1]

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Desmond has a melancholic presence to him that contrasts with his colorful performances on stage. He is extremely talented at playing the violin and even shows some acrobatic ability. While a calm and stoic person, Desmond does seem to genuinely care for the members of the circus and is forgiving of his business partner, Gustav.

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Desmond was able to play his fiddle without touching it,[2] implying that he has some kind of arcane power.

"Curious Beginnings" (2x01) Edit

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Desmond talked with the Mighty Nein when they went to see him in his tent, looking for information.[3]

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