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Den Duendalos is one of the twelve noble Dens of the Kryn Dynasty. It was founded by a consecuted individual born into the royal family of the Dwendalian Empire. Like all Dens, it is a family that an individual may enter upon consecution and is "returned" to in a new life after anamnesis.[1]


At some point in history, a member of the royal family of the Dwendalian Empire was born within the range of a Luxon beacon and was the reincarnation of a consecuted individual from the Kryn Dynasty. After they underwent anamnesis, regaining memories of their past life, they left the Empire for Xhorhas. The Dwendalian government eliminated records of the individual's existence. At some point, the individual established a new Den, naming it in mockery of their life in the Empire.[2] By 835 PD, Den Duendalos was one of the twelve noble Dens.[1]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

When the Mighty Nein returned from Bazzoxan and warned then Bright Queen Leylas Kryn and her court about the Laughing Hand, she assured them that Den Duendalos was looking into historical research on the matter.[3]


  • This is the only known Den to be founded or led by a human.
  • Any children the Den's founder had in their life as a member of the Dwendalian royal family would also be related to the royal line.


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