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Deezma Simmin is a male tabaxi[1] and the proprietor of Meandering Treasures in the Restless Wharf of Nicodranas. As an NPC, Deezma Simmin is played by Matthew Mercer.



Deezma has green eyes and speaks with a "french" accent.




Deezma is the owner and proprietor of Meandering Treasures, a sort of general store in the Restless Wharf area of Nicodranas, which sells partly scavenged and partly pawned or fenced items. It holds a smell of mildewed wood, dry rot, and textiles.[2]

"Frigid Propositions" (2x109)[]

Deezma sold Fjord and Yasha ten vials of alchemist's fire and two healing potions. He also offered a ring of fire resistance, and told a story about its previous owner not returning for a long time to reclaim it. Fjord grew curious and offered 50 gold for the name of the previous owner, but Deezma was initially reluctant to be indiscreet. Fjord left without the ring, but soon returned and offered to buy the ring if he could have the name of the previous owner; Deezma found the offer persuasive, and revealed that it was Diedric Sutan.


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Fjord: I don't think [I'll buy the ring]. Five thousand just feels rich.
Deezma: Mm, alas, I guess I'll just have to wait for its proper owner to return, then.
Fjord: And would you mind telling us who's waiting for it?
Deezma: I actually do mind, it is a privilege between the customer and the client.
Yasha: But what's interesting is you were ready to give it to us, so you obviously don't care about--
Deezma: I care enough to keep certain things privileged, but I am not so ridiculous as to not make business better, huh?
Fjord: Fifty gold for the name of your ring's owner.
Deezma: Why are you so interested in the name of this owner?
Fjord: Why are you so against the idea of 50 gold for a name?
Deezma: Would you appreciate it if after this purchase you made with me the next person came in and said, "I was looking for this very dangerous-looking couple. What are they?" And I went and told them your names?
Fjord: He thinks we're dangerous-looking.
Yasha: But we did not tell you our names.
Fjord: Oh, we didn't, did we?
Deezma: No, but I'm just trying to make a point! I run a business by being, for the most part, reliable.
Deezma explains his initial reluctance to be indiscreet about the ring of fire resistance[4]



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