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The Deera is a skyship captained by Damon.


The Deera is a large, beautifully-crafted wooden ship. The underside features beautiful elven-like golden scrolling. There are two wing-like protrusions on the sides. At the bow of the ship is embedded a large blue crystal called a brumestone, which is ten to fifteen feet wide. Two more brumestones are attached to the stern. The crystals slowly rotate in place and a slight hum of arcane energy emanates from them, which allows the crystals to hold the ship aloft.[1]

Stepping onto the deck for the second time three months later, Vox Machina noticed the giant arbalists bolted onto the sides, nearly twice the size of the previous ones, with giant dark metal dragon heads built around them.[2] They are loaded with hard, dark iron bolts bursting into arcane flame on their way through the dragon head.[3]


In early 811 PD, the crew was mostly human with only one elf and a halfling.[4]


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