Icozrin steelworks

View of the battle at the Deepriver Mining Camp and Icozrin Steelworks

The Deepriver Mining Camp is an installation that incorporates the Icozrin Steelworks and is approximately one day's travel from Rosohna on moorbounders. The journey is rather dangerous as it means passing through the Ghostlands.

It forms the backbone of Xhorhasian heavy industry. It is also the hub of the effort in the war against the Dwendalian Empire.

Description Edit

The Deepriver Mining Camp is a collection of roughly built wooden buildings, surrounded by a large, wooden fence constructed from huge logs. It is clearly a defensive location due to the various hazards and threats of the surrounding area, including stone giants, wolves and giant spiders.[1]

The camp and steelworks takes its name from the Den Icozrin, the family that control the installation.

Episodes Edit

"Wood and Steel" (2x58) Edit

The Mighty Nein are informed that the mining camp and steelworks have been overrun by giants and are tasked by Professor Waccoh to clear them out in order to get the installation up and running again. As a side mission, she also wants them to humiliate the manager, Foreman Bodo.

They travel out to the temporary camp the workers have set up, where Fjord both humiliates and interrogates the Foreman.[2] They also ask one or two of the workers for information, in order to gain some intelligence about what they will be facing. From there, they set out to battle the giants at the mining camp.

"Perspective" (2x59) Edit

The Mighty Nein make their way inside the encampment and battle three stone giants who are inside on guard. The fight comes to an abrupt end when the team are able to subdue rather than kill the giants and find out they attacked the mining camp because their own home, the Braan (Giant for 'Belly'), had been attacked and taken over by strange and horrifying creatures.[3] The remaining five stone giants that are all that remain of their tribe are currently away on a hunting trip, but are expected back momentarily. The Mighty Nein persuade Soorna, the stone giant druid and tribal leader, to guide them to the Braan in the mountains and drive out the creatures who forced them out.[4]

"Agreements" (2x61) Edit

After the Mighty Nein have cleared out Braan, they return to the mining camp and let the stone giants know that they can safely return to their home. They then watch as the giants make their way out of the gates. After a short rest, the Nein depart themselves in order to inform Foreman Bodo that he and his workers can return to work.

Notable People Edit

  • Bodo Icozrin: The Drow formerly in charge at the mining camp.
  • Durmaan: A hobgoblin miner who guides the Mighty Nein to the Mining Camp.
  • Soorna: A stone giant druid.

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