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Fan art of Deathwalker's Ward entombed with Purvan Suul, by Joma Cueto.[art 2]

The Deathwalker's Ward is a set of studded leather armor, and one of the Vestiges of the Divergence, that belonged to a Champion of the Raven Queen. It rested in the Champion's tomb, which used to stand to the west of Vasselheim until it eventually sunk into the ground as the topography shifted over time, now submerged beneath a lake known as the Marrowglade Loch.[1]

Vox Machina obtained the Deathwalker's Ward from the corpse of a former Champion once known as Purvan Suul before ritualistically giving his name to the Raven QueenVex'ahlia was killed when Percy attempted to remove the Deathwalker's Ward from the Champion's sarcophagus, triggering a powerful necrotic trap. Kashaw, with the aid of Percy, Zahra and Vax'ildan was able to revivify Vex. The party then successfully retrieved the Deathwalker's Ward.

Possession of the Deathwalker's Ward passed to Vax'ildan, who reluctantly began donning it in order to acquire the allegiance of the Champion's wolf ally, Galdric[2], but Vax removed the armor before it was completely donned[3]. After a dream given to him by the Raven Queen, Vax'ildan began wearing the Deathwalker's Ward reluctantly. He later agreed to serve as her champion, becoming a paladin of the Raven Queen.[4]

The Deathwalker's Ward was the first vestige to become exalted, identified as such by Gilmore after their fight with Hotis at Whitestone and the armor's power of flight was activated,[5][6] and later by Headmaster James Crayon at Ank'Harel[7]. It appeared to have awakened as a consequence of Vax'ildan becoming the new Champion of the Raven Queen.

Features Edit

Description Edit

Armor (studded leather), legendary (requires attunement)

This beautiful, black leather armor is covered in intricate scrollwork, the mantle bearing the black feathers of the Matron of Ravens.[8]

Dormant State Edit

  • The wearer gains a +1 bonus to AC while wearing this armor.
  • They have advantage on death saving throws made while wearing this armor.[9]

Awakened State Edit

  • The armor's bonus to AC increases to +2.
  • While wearing this attuned armor, the wearer chooses and imbues this armor with resistance to a damage type of their choice: fire, cold, acid, lightning, or necrotic. This choice can be changed during a short rest.[10].

Exalted State Edit

  • The armor's bonus to AC increases to +3.
  • As a bonus action, the wearer can grow large, black raven wings. These last for 1 hour and grant a fly speed of 60 feet. They cannot use this ability again until they finish a long rest.[11]

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