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Deastok is an affluent city in the Dwendalian Empire's Truscan Vale. It is the hometown of Taryon Darrington and the base of the Darrington Brigade. It is also the sister city to Kamordah.


Deastok is located on a hill just north of the Cyrengreen Forest and is surrounded by farmland. The town has regular guard patrols that march around the city. The guards are armed with crossbows and some patrol on horseback. The farmland surrounding the town is segmented with different colored fences and is generally well organized. Deastok itself is protected by stone walls.[2] Each entrance into the town has a large metallic gate which is closed in case of an attack.

Castle Lorelei is not far from Deastok.[3]

Notable Places

  • Grumpy Lily - tavern owned and used by the Myriad
  • The Shaded Bough - one of the finest inns in Deastok[4]
  • Darrington Mansion[5]
  • Jeweled Gates - the perimeter walls.[6]
  • Bursar Plaza - filled with quaint shops and bistros.[7]
  • Garden Grounds - residential area containing parks.[8]
  • Rose Nestle Inn[9]
  • A temple to Bahamut - The only official religious locale[10]


Deastok is thoroughly controlled by the Truscan family, though it is also a longtime major hub of the Myriad. It is a destination for wealthy travelers on vacation while also being supported by a timber industry enabled by gnomish technology.[10]

Notable People

The Darrington Brigade's adventurers circa 826 PD.


In 835 PD, Deastok has a population of 10,090. 60% are humans, 26% are dwarves, and 10% are halflings.[1]


Chapter 7

"The Chapter Closes" (1x115)

"The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (Sx49)


  • To prepare for their overland trip to Zadash, Ophelia Mardoon told the Mighty Nein, "Should anyone ask along our journeys, I am Lady Quinn Denzala of Nogvurot going to see my ailing mother in Deastok."[12]
  • A series of novellas titled Heroic Deeds of the Golden Grin that, in part, recounted the exploits of "Hush," was published anonymously out of Deastok.[13]



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